Sitting Comfortably at 166lbs

So apparently I haven’t written anything here since March 7th of last year. So last summer I went to California for my God mothers celebration of life party. I drank more wine than water and gained some weight.

Went up from a size 2 to a size 6. Well I’m happily back down to a size 2 and I’m comfortable at 166lbs give or take a few pounds depending on the day. I eat what I want but still am mindful of how much I’m eating. I do eat chocolate from time to time and I drink from time to time. I’m not big on drinking alone so it’s rare that I have any booze in my house.


My workouts as far as high intensity goes I do twice a week usually on Mondays & Fridays and then of course walking miss Diva and whatever walking I do when I’m out and about. My phone tracks my steps which is great to see how much I’ve walked on a single day. Some days I’ve walked a lot like April 3rd I walked in total 7.2km then some days it could be 1.4km. That’s including walking in my apartment to walking the dog and outings and such. In a day of course the less movement and my phone not being on me will record less.

I feel that my weight really won’t be going to any major extremes. I have control over it and I feel great. I believe my weight will sit in this area permanently.

A girlfriend of mine asked if I’d put more weight on and I said quite frankly I’m happy being the weight that I am. I’ve always been a slender person I was skinny as a child and in my teens and most of my 20s. I put on some weight in a past relationship then gained a shit ton in my early 30s. And then poof made it disappear. I would not trade being skinny to be fat. Been there bought the Tshirt and sold it.

My perfect weight is what I’m sitting at now.

Left 238lbs 2015 & Right 166lbs 2017


If you want something bad enough you will make your dream come true!

Hello 160lbs – And something a little deeper

imageI’m extremely happy to be writing this post because I have reached my new goal weight of 160lbs. Honestly 155lbs was fine but I like being what I weigh more now. I think it’s been a great ride but to be very honest with all of you I have to admit something. I was afraid of gaining weight and getting fat again. I now know that you have to consume more calories than you burn other wise you will just drop the weight like I did.

And I was obsessed about not gaining weight last summer. I worked out multiple times a day such as doing my normal workout once a day (7 days a week) and then walking Diva a few times a day for 25 to 40 minutes. I wasn’t eating enough food nor was I eating anything else but chicken and veg there was no fish or any other proteins but chicken and maybe some eggs.

I was dropping weight quickly and dropped to my lowest at 148lbs. I didn’t totally see that I was doing anything wrong, I just knew I didn’t want to get fat again. People did say I was getting to thin but I didn’t see it nor did I want to hear it. It’s like it didn’t matter how fat or thin I was people always had something to say. I’m now at I think a perfect weight for my self. I was quite happy at 160lbs when I was going through my weight loss before dropping to my lowest. I look healthy and I’m extremely happy. I’ve changed my diet to include more things and from the last post I wrote I really do now eat what ever the hell I want!.

What I have learned is its all about moderation as well as portion sizes. But not limiting my self from anything. If I want to eat something sweet I will. If I want that glass of wine I’ll drink it. It’s just not eating to excessive or drinking a ton. Also for me anyways working out on Mondays & Friday’s work for me. And yes walking diva but nothing crazy she’s good for a shorter walk in the morning and then a longer walk in the afternoon.

I honestly feel amazing now. And I know what works for me. Trial and error is what I have learned and I have also learned to relax a little and gaining a little weight is not the end of the world. I believe my body has now balanced out and I feel good and look good which is the most important thing.

Yay for being 160lbs

I Eat Whatever I Want

imageSo after my workout today I thought I would do a before and after weight comparison and then of course throw it up on my Instagram account. Since joining and posting another side by side photo I have had some fitness people start following me which is kinda cool. I’m very proud of myself for getting to where I have gotten with my weight loss and fitness.

That being said I’m pretty much around the 158lbs range and quite happy. Though I’ll be honest I’m eating whatever the hell I want. Of course with in reason and not pigging out on crap. But I also don’t deprive my self from anything. Not anymore. If I want a glass of wine or two I drink them. If I want something sweet I eat it.

I’ve been able to stick to my two days a week of my workout app. Monday’s and Friday’s I use the app imageother wise its normal stuff like walking and that sort of thing. I feel good about what I have accomplished over the last few years. I’m still not smoking (I’ll take my bow now lol) it will be 3 years this coming August. Though I have to say the loose skin on my tummy has yet to bounce back. I know it doesn’t look like I have any but trust me it’s there and it’s the the last thing I dislike but whatever with clothing on its fine and who ever I get with will understand. I’m not worried about it.

And my butt is cute it’s there it’s just not as bootylicious as it once was but that’s also okay. Anyways this will probably be the last post for a while. Just wanted to write this up. Also I have a new category titled Fitness and the category Weight loss is now gone. Made more sense to have a more fitting one now that I’m into working out and not about losing weight.

Also I don’t believe those fad diets work let alone those crazy programs. At the end of the day it’s setting a goal for your self a realistic one and staying on it. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again when I started at 238lbs it was about just losing 5lbs and then it went from there. It did not happen over night. But I did cut out a lot of crap at first. Portion control all food which I still do. And regular exercise. Yes I did do it to the extreme 7 days a week which was a tad much and learned that you need to consume more calories than you burn other wise you will lose too much weight. As I did for that short bit of time. But now I’m good and have learned some stuff and know what works for me.

Anyways that’s it for now. I feel amazing and talk soon

Take Care


Gaining A Few Pounds & Why I’m Happy


I’m still working out and using my seven app which I love. Since Xmas tho I have been at my folks so I’m not walking Diva every single day as I was. They have a back yard which she uses with their dogs. In order for me to walk her here I kinda have to take them all out or they become bitter pooches. Diva has rubber booties and my parents dogs don’t.

Also the weather has been up and down. It rained all day yesterday and then froze over night so that kinda sucks. Also I might have had a few to many calories over the holidays but I still did my workouts and honestly all my clothes still fit good so I’m not by any means complaining there.

My parents bought a treadmill I’ve used it twice. But plan to use it while I’m staying here. It’s got a ton of different levels and speeds. It’s got a place to plug into your phone or iPod and a spot for a drink to hold. Divas not sure about it but my parents other dog walks on it fine lol.

My goal weight this year is pretty much where I’m at between the mid 150’s range or even 160lbs is perfectly fine by me. Looking back being as low as 150lbs did nothing for me. To thin for my liking. But I have since introduced more things into my diet. I still do portion control but I have cut down on how often I use my workout app.

I feel great over all and still loving how my body looks. Though my tummy skin still never bounced back and so its still soft jello to a degree. Depending on how I am positioned. Standing up you can’t see it. The joys from getting fat, it’s a reminder to never go there again that’s for sure.

Over all I’m very proud of my self in losing the weight and keeping it off and staying healthy. With a few cheats here and there.

Bring on more stylish clothing and staying healthy and happy.

A new and healthy you


It amazes me how far I have come with my weight and maintaining my body. I never thought A. I could do it and B. Keep it up. The amount of strength it takes to keep at it is amazing in itself. First and formost I never thought I would get fat. And then on the flip side I never thought I could lose the weight once I got fat.

It’s funny when I tell guys I used to be fat because first they don’t believe me and then I show them the photo on the left and they say wow you look amazing now. And people always ask how did you do it. It’s called portion control diet and working out. No wonder pill, No fad diet just hard work and dedication. Oh and will power that helps 😉.

Heck if I can do it so can you.

Since losing all my weight I have slowly introduced things back into my diet. But I do still workout not every single day but just enough to maintain my body. And now my weight goes between a few pounds which I’m totally okay with. I still drink wine here and there and will eat something decadent or sweet. But it’s all about moderation and portion sizes. I’m extreamly happy with my body now and love what I have been able to do.

This is what a 36 year old looks like Hunny haha. And damn I look amazing if I do say so myself 😉.

Doing a workout improves your mood

It’s been ages since I touched my Seven app. It’s also been ages since I’ve done any form of a workout besides my walking Diva daily. Now that my cooking skills have improved and my weight is pretty much staying between a few pounds give or take I’ve been wanting to use my Seven app.

I did lose a lot of my weight from using this app but now that I’m at my ideal weight I also feel that it’s time to start using it again just not as much as before. I’ve decided to do it at least twice a week. Monday’s and Friday’s. And will only do the full body workouts so my whole body is getting done.

I just did a workout and I have to say my mood has lifted. Not that my mood was down but I feel good for doing it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. About getting back to it but not for the weight loss part just staying in shape.

I do love walking Diva but the feeling I get after doing a workout is not the same as walking her. I feel more I dunno confident better about my self it’s strange but anyone who works out knows what I’m talking about. It improves my happy hormones lol I guess you could say.

I never started my journey of weight loss and getting this body to just get it and then slack off. And it’s not like I’ve really slacked off because I do walk Diva at least twice a day for a good amount of time. And sometimes I do take the stairs down. But I did stop using my workout app for almost two months. Not that I gained weight but now I think it’s time I start doing it at least twice a week. Plus colder weather will be upon us soon enough and baby when it’s cold outside I’ll be inside keeping my body in shape.

It’s great because I’ll be keeping this body in tiptop shape all through the winter months. While others get pudgy and bent out of shape hehe. Though I think winter time is good to stay in shape that way when next summer hits I’ll be once again ready for it.

Anywho happy workouts everyone

Over & Out

Hello 152lbs & Self Worth


So I recently weighed my self at my parents and their scale put me at 152lbs. Very happy about that why because I was getting really skinny there for a moment and it was a little concerning. But I’m happy to report that I’m gaining a little weight which is nice. I never wanted to get so thin that I looked unhealthy. I’m very pleased with the weight loss that I lost but it never was my intention to get so skinny I looked sick you know what I mean?. I’d like to gain a few more pounds and be at 155 or even 160lbs.

I have incorporated fish in to my diet. As well ground pork and of course chicken. I’m still eating heathy foods but also cheat a little and will have some peanut butter on soda crackers one of my all time favourite snacks that I used to eat when I was larger. But now when I eat this snack I dont pig out on it. Same with chips it’s all in the portions right?. I have become a pretty good cook I do believe as well a decent baker too.

And even though I had a few stressful days last week, I got over them and made sure it did not keep me from eating or what have you. I feel good, wait I feel pretty amazing with my hair and loving my body and loving my self. You have to feel good about your self and then when you do that you can allow others in whether it be romantically or not. Also that being said you have to know your self-worth and what you will and will not put up with from outside people such as friends or even acquaintances.

Yay to being happy in your body

Over & Out

My Weight Ugh

Today I went to my family doctor and while I was there got my weight checked out. So I never thought I would say this but I need to gain some weight. I’d like to gain at least ten pounds. I’ve never been as thin as I am currently like never in my life okay well maybe when I was shorter but any who I’m currently 148.8 pounds. It’s most likely due to stress. And I could eat more fattening foods but like the good fats. My eating habits are good but as he said I could eat more. So now it’s like to thin but even for me I can tell that I’m to skinny.

I’ve cut down my workouts. And now it’s like I need to gain some weight crazy how our body’s are. I thought I was doing well in the weight area but I guess I was wrong. Ugh it’s so annoying. I would be thrilled to be 155 to 160lbs. This 148 business is not cute I can even see it in my face I need some fat on my body. The joys of weight I tell yea. When I was at my parents I stepped on the scale which was this past Sunday and even their scale said 149.8. I weigh my self about once a week.

So now it’s like pack on the pasta which is funny because I already eat pasta almost daily, but he did say try and eat pork which I’m not a fan of or dairy and I do eat cheese just not a milk drinker. Maybe I can do ground pork and flavour the hell out of it.

Any who I plan to keep an eye on it and will update you all in a later post.

Over & Out

The 5 Biggest Myths About Metabolism

Artical from

Health by Jeremey DuVall on 11/7/2013


A source of confusion for some and a scapegoat for extra weight around the midsection for others, metabolism has long been a topic of hot conversation. Without it, we would lack the energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone burn calories all day long. However, even with its numerous benefits, metabolism often gets the brunt of the blame with weight gain. With all of the fad diets and special tricks meant to speed up one’s metabolism (hot sauce anyone?), the facts often get blurred with fiction. To help clear up the confusion, we uncovered the truth behind the top five metabolism myths.

Myth #1: Skinnier individuals have a higher metabolism.

Some thinner folks appear to eat whatever they want with seemingly no consequence. Surely, they have a faster metabolism than the average Joe, right? Not so fast. Metabolism actually has quite a bit to do with body size, but not in the way many think. According to Dr. Yo

ni Freedhoff, Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, “Skinny individuals almost invariably have slower resting metabolisms; there is literally less of them to burn while at rest.” As a result, larger individuals usually have a higher metabolism (that is they burn more calories at rest) than their thinner counterparts.

But don’t rejoice just yet. It’s not just any additional weight that boosts metabolism. Muscle, in particular, has a huge effect on the amount of overall calories someone burns throughout the day. Comparing two individuals of similar weight, the person with the larger amount of muscle will generally have the faster metabolism. This is just one of the reasons it’s important to pair any weight loss program with a proper strength training plan. Research has found the extra muscle can help accelerate weight loss much faster than a diet-only plan.

Truth: While body size does factor in, body composition has a far greater effect on metabolism.

Myth #2: Skipping a meal slows down your metabolism.

Anyone looking to drop a few pounds better be grazing on frequent meals and snacks throughout the day right? Turns out the old notion of eating a meal every three to four hours to ramp up one’s metabolism wasn’t exactly perfect advice. In fact, how frequently someone eats has little to do with the speed of their metabolism. Dr. Freedhoff explains, “Eating every four hours is popular because eating frequently, for many, helps them to keep a lid on both stomach hunger as well as cravings.” That, in turn, allows for better portion and choice control, Freedhoff says.

Certain individuals (those prone to cravings or with special dietary needs) may benefit from consuming multiple meals through the day. However, for the rest of us, the most important factors to consider are the quantity and quality of the food we consume. Whether you eat 2,000 calories of rice in one sitting or spread it out throughout the day, it still has a similar effect, Freedhoff says. Instead, it might be best to focus on eating quality food in a timeframe that fits your individual schedule.

Truth: Quality and quantity of foods have greater bearing on metabolism than how often you eat.

Myth #3: Everything eaten late-night turns to fat.

“Avoid eating late at night” is one of the most popular pieces of nutrition advice on the planet. While it may be easy to think our bodies have an internal clock set to store anything eaten after 8 p.m. as fat, it’s not quite so simple. Many aspects including various hormones, food quality, food content and energy expenditure influence how our bodies store fuel. Unfortunately, simply refraining from eating late at night isn’t enough to prevent fat storage.

Instead of focusing on time of consumption, more attention should be placed on what and how much we’re eating. In fact, having a meal late at night isn’t any worse than eating at any other point during the day provided the meal consists of healthy foods (and not a bucket of ice cream). Dr. Freedhoff likens this scenario to fueling up a car. “The time of day you fill your car with gas isn’t going to impact how far you’ll go on that tank,” he says. Provided you’re eating high-quality food in the right portions, most individuals won’t notice a difference between eating at night versus earlier in the day.

Truth: If you’re taking in the right types of calories, eating later at night shouldn’t derail your diet.

Myth #4: Metabolism is all about burning calories and breaking things down.

Many understand metabolism as how quickly someone burns calories. But while breaking things down is certainly an important part of metabolism, there are actually two main components. Catabolism, or the breaking down of chemical bonds to release energy, is the most well known part of the process as it releases energy in the form of calories. However, what’s just as essential is anabolism, the storage of energy in the form of chemical bonds for later use, including carbohydrates and fats. A properly functioning metabolism is a delicate balance of both functions.

Truth: Metabolism consists of both breaking things down and building things up; both are vital to our health.

Myth #5: You have no control over your metabolism.

When faced with unwanted weight, it’s easy to place the blame on your metabolism. However, it turns out that individuals have more control over their metabolism than previously thought. As mentioned above, body composition has a huge effect on how quickly someone’s body burns calories. One easy way to ramp up your metabolism is to build muscle through lifting weights. Alongside modifying your workout routine, there are several other ways to be sure you’re burning calories at a higher rate:

Sleep more. The amount of rest you get each night doesn’t only affect your mood and productivity the next day. Researchers have found that it also affects your metabolism. Sleep-deprived individuals have a decreased ability to manage blood sugar levels and also may find themselves hungrier (particularly for high carbohydrate foods). So, sleep more for a healthier metabolism. (Win, win!)
Gulp down some water. Ditch the sugary soft drinks. Researchers have found that consuming water may have a positive impact on how many calories you burn throughout the day. This is due to a process called thermogenesis wherein the body must burn calories to warm the water up to body temperature. Hydrating with water also saves calories over alternative beverages and plays a key role in helping to regulate whole-body metabolism (especially during exercise).
Don’t forget caffeine. Coffee lovers rejoice! It turns out that cup of java may give you more than just an energy boost midday. When researchers gave subjects coffee and then measured their caloric burn, they found that the caffeinated individuals burned more calories than their decaf-ordering counterparts.
Get enough protein. Dietary decisions (especially protein intake) have a profound impact on metabolism. Researchers examining the effect of dietary compositions on caloric burn have found that those taking in adequate levels of protein have a higher energy expenditure at rest.
Truth: Simple dietary modifications and exercise habits can make a big difference in how fast someone burns calories at rest.