Selling Unused Items Or Giving Them Away – Plus

This morning I had a buyer from Facebook Market Place stop by to purchase my coffee maker. As a way to clear out items that I’m no longer using and have no use for to make space in my home. I had recently bought a French Press coffee maker which is super tiny to a large Keurig Machine. Also those pods are not cheap to constantly be buying.

I sold it for $50 cash and the lady arrived earlier then the time picked which honestly made my morning. I was also selling a clothing rack however nobody bought that so I left it in the lounge for someone to just take. I’m also selling a big fan for about $35. So we shall see if I can sell that too.

I had a friend pop by yesterday and she made a comment on how’s much cleaner and bigger my place looked since I sold my red high heel chair and removed Divas belongings that I had out. I love the feeling and seeing the space that is now there. I really like only having the essentials. Of course having bare walls for me isn’t an option when it comes to being minimalistic. But having fewer wall art pieces is. Same with shoes I have the ones I always wear and go for but because I do Burlesque I have shoes just for performing in and outfits that are only for that. So though I have edited my wardrobe, something’s I have to keep.

By having more space it’s given me more clarity in just my life over all and what I need and want for my self in all aspects. Especially In my romantic relationships or what I need from them when I think one might be turning into one. That’s been the biggest thing that and my family knowing what I ideally want in a relationship lol.

But selling items or donating them is a great way to make room in your home not to fill up with more clutter but have space. Having space is like a calming effect of knowing what you have and knowing it’s enough.


Living A Minimalistic Lifestyle

I know I always talk about the fire that happened last December did something to me. But it’s definitely been for the better. What I’m learning about living a minimalistic lifestyle is there their really isn’t one way to be. Some go to the extreme and only own ten tops and this and that and what have you. But you also don’t need to live in a hospital atmosphere either unless that’s your aesthetics then all the more power to you.

I’ve definitely purged a lot of my things that either wasn’t using, I haven’t used ever or just have no plans to in the up coming future. I’ve gone through clothing, footwear, books, dishes, small appliances, bath, art and I even sold a high heel chair. I’m currently trying to sell a coffee maker, a large fan and a clothing rack. I went out and bought a French Press and real coffee. And wow big difference in flavour.

I enjoy watching minimalist YouTube videos. And also this album I bought called Music For Mindfulness some really beautiful songs on it from iTunes. I’ve  decided to try to not buy anything new unless it’s food related. I’m also trying to watch where I put my money and hold on to as much as I possibly can.

I’ve done pretty good with cleaning and removing unwanted clutter from my life. That also goes with people. I feel calmer about life in general. And with more space I don’t feel the need to buy more to fill it up. I was thinking of getting a new chair or A pouf or leave the space empty as is. It’s nice to have the space to be honest with you.

Also my mother asked if I wanted the old bedding that was in one of the guest rooms and I wanted it because it was lighter in color and I was rather sick of my old coverlet. I have to say I’m definitely happy to have it and my old coverlet I gave to a friend who wanted it so it was a win win.

The pillow I had bought a few years ago from ikea and had given it to my mom to use because she had a rainbow type of painting anyways she got new things and asked if I wanted the pillow. I said yes because it’s a nice pop of colour in my room.

I definitely don’t think you need to have nothing in your home if your a minimalist. But I do think it’s great to declutter your belongings and knowing what you need in order to be happy. I had also watched a YouTube video about gift giving and what is perfect for the minimalist.

So I put together a gift guide for the minimalist for my family, because as far as jewelry, clothing or hair products I don’t need any more of it.

  • Consumables, this could be things I can use up that wont be sitting around for months on end. Such as gift card to any of the grocery stores like Food Basics, Loblaws. Even cooking, baking something is always a great gift.
  • Pier One Imports gift card, I really like their oil diffusers and scented candles, Bath and Body Works for their scented candles. 
  • Razor blades such as Schick Quattro for women. My favourite perfume that is basically done is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.
  • Spending time together like going for lunch or going to see a movie. Also movie gift cards are great idea.

So that’s what I’m about now. I’m just on a completely different level then I ever have been before and I feel great about it. Plus also much more free of heavy weights.

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? What are your thoughts?


Living With Less & Loving It

Keeping a more minimalist house is difficult at times when you’re  so used to shopping. Recently I saw this cute table at Bed Bath & Beyond and wanted to get it. But realized I have another table that isn’t being used for anything and now it’s my new bed side table. I also had to throw out one that was next to my bed because my massage  oil leaked and I had to let that go.

I finally let go of my purple fabric ottomans that you can fold up for easy storage. Since getting my new multipurpose end table that I use as my coffee table from Ikea. They weren’t being used and I really like not keeping things I don’t have a use for any longer. I donated them as well as a poster frame for posters.

I have also made the decision to donate some of Diva’s dog toys to my parents dogs who can play with them. I’ve kept maybe a few items as far as toys go. But I can let the rest go. Keeping everything isn’t gonna bring her back. In fact nothing will. But also keeping everything also isn’t gonna do anything either. I’ll never let go of the memories but some of her items I don’t need to keep. However that being said I’ve kept the items that bring me the best memories, joys and I’ve kept two leashes and such like dog food and water bowls because I’m just not there yet to remove those items for donation. I may always keep them I don’t know yet. But there’s no time frame on letting those things go heck I never have to if I don’t want too.

But back to the beginning of living more minimalistic. I have to always remember to really think about a purchase before I want to buy it when it comes to any item that isn’t food or bathroom / cleaning related. Such as clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and furniture that includes art, area rugs, and housing accents.

Also if something is purchased that isn’t on the list then I have to love it %100 percent. I’ve also come to realize that I can’t watch any YouTube videos of peoples  big closets packed with clothing it gives me a mental anxiety like to me it looks cluttered. Like owning 100 pairs of shoes or 20 dresses that are all the same color but different styles. Whats the point if you only wear three of them?.

I wear my favourite items a lot. Like seriously when I love something I wear it the most. Don’t get me wrong when I’m out at a mall you are tempted left right and center. Sales and deals and beautiful things. I used to love shopping. But it’s not something I love to do anymore. For me it’s get in and get out. Also my inner voice now says “Do you really need that?”. And then I’ll think twice about it and decide not to purchase it and keep going.

I know for some people always buying new or owning a bunch of the same items is their gig and they enjoy it which is all dandy for them. But for me it’s no longer about the  quantity it’s really loving what you have and being perfectly okay with owning less. Also on the bright side of things if you ever need to move you won’t have a shit ton of things to move with lol. Also by owning more when you don’t need to is also a waste of money. I mentally feel lighter by owning less. And I’m appreciating the things I do own much more.

Live lighter with less. And love what you do own.

Some Much Needed Home Updating

Well I did end up getting that chaise from Ikea the Kivik Chaise in the color Orrsta light grey. Then went to Home Sense and got some bigger pillows. The red lip pillow came from Ikea and the purple and Marilyn I already had. I’m really into neutrals with splash’s of colour. The tall slender floor lamp is grey and it came from Walmart. I’ve wanted to replace the lamp I had there forever.

I’m so glad I bought the chaise. It looks awesome it’s super comfy. I’ve had naps on it. Stretched out and I just love it. Plus I fit on it so much better than I ever did on my red love seat. Someone who is 6’2 this chaise is perfect for me. I also love how you can get another cover for it in a different shade and change things up if you want as well. I’m a fan of clean lines and simple yet comfortable pieces. And things that make you feel great and you love.

I also did some painting to my front closet doors but also my bedroom closet doors. Since moving in they were a 💩 brown. With flecks of paint when they repainted the apartment before moving in.

So I got the go ahead and painted them just a simple off white. It took me about two weeks I took my time and they are as perfect as perfect can get. Since it’s faux wood. The guy at Home Depot was super helpful and I got everything I needed.

I also went around and replaced all the bulbs with LED. My hall is nice and bright now. And it’s just nice to have a brighter apartment.

It feels good to replace old things with new things that you love.


My New Sofa

So the image above is not mine however the idea is exactly what I envisioned a few years ago on my blog. I managed to find that one person did exactly that on Pinterest.

Next Saturday my father and I are going to pick up the IKEA Kivik Chaise in the color Orrsta light grey. My plan then is to then go to Home Sense at some point and pick up a few more throw pillows as the photo from Pinterest and make it more cozy.

Then I’ll be able to use the chaise as a sofa and if I needed an extra spot for a friend to crash a bed. I love the light grey colour and I’m totally excited about getting this new piece. Also, the seat has a layer of memory foam so that will make it extremely comfy.

Something kind of interesting though is if you order from IKEA online they will charge you a $20 service fee just to go and pick it up. How crazy is that?

So next Saturday we will just go and buy it on the spot and by passing the whole store to the warehouse.

I’m totally stoked!

Can’t wait.

Hello Ikea

So I’m dealing with a cold at the moment but over the weekend my parents invited me to go to Ikea with them. So I said sure. I picked up a new coffee table though you can use it as a coffee table or side table. Gotta love Ikea because you can use pretty much anything from that store as whatever you want to.

My bestfriend has a table on casters which I was drawn too. And so when I saw these ones I was hooked. I love how it’s open and airy as well on wheels. So you can move it around. It’s also white so I like that and it doesn’t take up much room. I got the smaller one because there is another size that is more rectangle. The one above is about $49 the larger one is $79. And it was a snap to put together took less then five minutes.

I feel like I now have a real coffee table. It’s cute, it’s easy to move around, it’s airy and it’s roomy.

Thanks Ikea

Basic Phone Bitch LOL

So I had a slight home phone tragedy the pink sparkly novelty lip Phone that I was using as my land line, I had been using it as a burlesque prop. Well when I was in Carleton Place and had rested it on a banister it had fallen off and when I picked it up there is a piece in the handheld part that now moves around in it.

The beginning of August I had reorder it from Amazon from the same seller. I paid for express shipping and it was to arrive the 1st of the month. I waited and waited and waited till finally I emailed them and asked to either send me a tracking code or refund my money. Two days later the money is back in my account and that’s that.

I went on to the ad and it now says no longer available and not sure if it will be again. Why on earth would you try to sell something if in fact you don’t really have it. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

Anyways I had found a cheese hamburger novelty phone on Amazon I looks just like the one from the movie Juno. But it really wouldn’t go with any of my things. So I went super basic and got a cordless land line phone from Walmart for a decent price. It’s got a bunch of decent features and a phone book that can store 30 contacts.

I put my parents and emergency lol

It’s mainly for my buzzer and maybe ordering food.

Honestly I was hesitant on buying it but I need a phone for this landline that I’m paying for so it’s fine I suppose.

It’s also basic bitch black lol. I may add some sparkle to it at some point but who knows lol.


Deco Art Crafters Acrylic Paint / DIY Repaint Dresser & Nightstands

Decided it was time to do some diy to my dresser as well night stand tables. I used two colors turquoise and silver morning. The turquoise is a matte finish and the silver is a  metallic finish. I used a roller as well as  rectangle  small kitchen sponges and one wet for quick clean on edges. I also used a small artist paint brush. All supplies even the paints I picked up at my local Dollarama.

I also removed the handles and knobs and painted them separately with two coats each. I need to finish painting the night stand tables and the one side of my dresser and will make a second post of that. But I wanted to show what I did already.

Night stand tables

The facing of the drawers and trim took about two coats. As did the side and top of the dresser. Also to note it says the paint drys within about 15 minutes depending on surface and what not. I should also mention my dresser and night stand tables have a clear varnish on them. And all I did was clean with a damp paper towel and that was it.

Side view
Head on

I really love how it’s turned out so far. I was planning on getting some pretty crystal knobs and handles but I may just leave it as is. Since it looks so much better. And honestly it really didn’t take that long to do all of it. I’ll be super thrilled when it’s all done but for now I’m really impressed with my self for having the patience to do all the fine detailing. And making it as perfect as possible and believe it or not but I didn’t even use painters tape. I was just extremely careful and mindful about cleaning up spots.

Stay tuned for part two.

Hello Area Rug

imageI’ve been wanting a new area rug for a while now. The one I had was super old had it for years though I loved the design it’s never been cleaned overly and it just didn’t suit me any longer nor did the colors really fit with the other colors I have going on but the deep red. Also Diva has laid on it and because of her tinkling issue it was time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. If you get what I’m saying lmao.

I was on The Home Depot website where I found this gem they have it for $44.00 info taken from their site

Assorted Bound Area Rug 5 Feet x 7 Feet Area Rug
This residential area rug is versatile and ideal for medium to high traffic areas. Available in an assortment of colours and designs making it simple to find the one for your space. Machine made with durable synthetic fibres, this rug is treated for stain protection for easy maintenance.

  • Treated for stain protection
  • Durable bound finishing
  • Made of synthetic fibres for easy maintenance

I was thinking of getting a light cream Color because I’m tired of dark coloured rugs butimage then saw this like light turquoise Color I’m not to sure what to call it but it’s super pretty. It ties all my other light turquoise coloured pieces in very nicely. Also the price was perfect. Since selling my black suede boots to a friend on the weekend I used some of that money to buy my new area rug. So it’s money well spent I think. Diva approves of the new rug too as seen here.

I love home decor.