Oven Fun

I’m not talking about cooking in it or even baking for that matter. I’m talking about cleaning it. So I pretty much cleaned what I could. I don’t think it’s ever been cleaned before to be honest with you. Also I had to replace the oven light but before doing any of that I read the manual. I went to my electrical box and switched off the stove switch.

I then open the oven door and removed the protective case that was over top of the light bulb which was then hanging by a wire. Turns out the bulb was hanging by a tiny wire. I had to then pull on it which it then came lose. I went and got my pliers to then unscrew the rest of the bulb. I cleaned the particles from the socket area and then replaced it with a brand new light bulb. And re covered the new light with the over.

Also then finished washing what I could from the oven and then went to the electrical box turned the switch back to on and tried out the oven light for which it worked and now I have a working oven light yay. Lord I’m so handy who would have thought lol. It was my mission today to clean it and change the light bulb.

No one else is going to do it but me right. “I’m A Big Kid Now or in my case Adult” lmao.

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Another DIY Project

So a few years ago I took a jewelry class on how to make earrings. Though I made a few pairs I have not really played with any of my tools or supply’s and till today. Though I did not make earrings I made curtain tie backs. When I was at Fabricland I noticed they had beads and what not. Then it reminded me I have some beads and crystals and wire. So today I decided I would make some easy tie backs. I threaded some old pearls and crystals and bam instant curtain tie backs.



The finished look.image


Settling In


So tomorrow will be a full week that I’ve been in my new apartment. I’m all moved in I’m all settled and everything is in its right place. I’ve hung the last picture hat needed hanging a couple of days ago. Yesterday was house cleaning day I threw some tunes on and away I went.

Even though I am settled some thoughts do cross my mind as in I hope there is never a fire. But I think anyone that lives in an apartment building has those same fears. And being on the 15th floor you can understand why that would be a fear of mine but it’s not such a huge fear that I’m afraid.

Also though I have been taking Miss Diva out a few times a day with some good walks she has not fully settled. Thursday she ate half her food. That was also the day I left to get my hair done and she only ate in the evening. Friday she did not eat any of her food. Her nose is warm and she’s sleeping lots. Though when she does go to the bathroom its normal and she’s had no accidents.

I’m thinking she’s just stressed out and maybe a little depressed. I think she was also this way when we moved from the one house to the other and possibly when my brother had to put down his one dog then Diva was all by her self. Though I don’t remember how her eating habits were. I know she was down and knew something was up. I’m not to worried but it is on my mind. Hopefully she will eat some food today.

So it’s hit me that I’m on my own now. It’s nice to be honest with you I kind of wish I had my own place a long time ago. But once again everything happens for a reason. It’s all about timing. It’s also interesting hearing noises coming from below. Thankfully it has been pretty quite. I am super happy that my place is on the end and nobody is above me. Because that would get on my last nerve for sure 😎. Also I’m really loving the sunsets they have been pretty amazing.

image image


Because I face North I get the afternoon sun, also because I’m so high up I get a good breeze too from my bedroom window to my livingroom window and if I have my balcony door open its even more so. Also when they fix the balcony I’ll want to sit out side. I’ve yet to get a plant and have not got any flowers as of yet but hopefully that will be soon. I have been enjoying lighting up my scented candles and it just fills my place with lilac scents. I have a few other scented candles I have yet to light those lol.

I also call the 15th floor Windy 15th because when the wind picks up its pretty windy. Anywho that’s it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

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Busy Day


So today was busy once again. I had to wake early for building people to do an assessment on my unit. The note that I was given said between 8am and 12 noon so I set my alarm on my cell to 7am but my inner alarm got me up at 6:30am. Which was fine gave me enough time to wake up shower take Diva out for a 15 minute walk come home eat breakfast. And around 9 or so two guys showed up came in took a few notes stayed maybe 5 minutes and left.

Then a technician arrived to hook up my land line to the buzzer in the lobby because it was not working. I was told I had to get a land line in order for it to work. Funny story so when I was given all the details about my place they had given me a buzzer code but the tech guy tells me the code is not the right code and so he gave me the right code. So annoying but whatever.

But all is not done there. Then a new guy shows up to fix my bathroom sink cause it was leaking and the taps were lose. Also the water in the bathtub would spray out water when the shower would go on which was annoying. Also in the bedroom both screens were not in the best shape with a hole in each and silver tape holding one together lol. So all is fixed there with brand new taps in the bathroom.He also took both screens out and went and fixed them and brought them back.

The one window in the living room that is cracked as well sliding door will be fixed in a few weeks because maintenance does not fix things like that. Because its construction or some such thing. But everything else is fixed. So that is good. YIPPY.

Now I can work out

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My First Day LOL

In my apartment that is *smiles*. So I took Miss Diva out last night for one last bathroom time at 11pm. What is great is that I don’t even need to leave the property because there is a grass area to walk her to.

It took a few minutes to fall asleep but once I did it was fine. I did wake up at one point I had heard Diva go and get some water. I have her collar on and the tag chimes lol.

I woke at around 6:30am thinking it was 7am so we laid in bed for 20 minutes then I went and took a shower. As Miss Diva stayed in bed the lazy dog lol. After showering and taking my vitamins I took her out to do her business and then we came back and I had coffee and breakfast. She ate nothing I think it’s the nerves but I think tonight she might eat. She has had a treat but that is it.

Then the cable/net/landline guy came and installed all those services for me and my ex boyfriend came over as well and hung out for a few hours while the guy was here. I made the two of us some herbal tea. Diva hates the staple gun like a lot haha but it was over pretty quickly the guy had to staple a cord to the base boards.

Also she is getting better with the elevator having never been in one before. Though she keeps going to the second last door when we come back to our floor its funny it’s like nope its the next place LOL.

I’m still amazed that this is my place also its nice not to be living in my room as I was at my parents. Now I have a living room, dining area my own bathroom not that I did not have one before but you know what I mean. And of course my bedroom and front hall closet LOL.

I’m in love with my apartment if one could be that would be me hehe. I have to say as well for the most part I have enjoyed meeting some of the people who live in my building they have been very friendly towards me as I have to them. I honestly think you make where you live the experience you want. If your Miss Negative Nancy then that is what you will get back in return and vice versa.

Any who so ya so far so good. I’m glad to get internet back and cable. I’ve already gone through the shows I want to pvr again. And so far I have about 25 shows or so that will be recording when they are on. Also I have unlimited internet which I’m so happy about. My landline was also installed and I have the cutest phone number. But I’m not using it in the sense of telling people what it is since its only for the buzzer system to work and connect too. And maybe for emergencies or power outage or some such things.

So ya so far so good I’m a woman of means 😀

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My Last Post From Living At My Folks

So I just wanted to write this before going to bed tonight. Besides a few things I’m moving over in the morning 99.9% of me is moved over except the most important things like my laptop and filing papers and makeup lol and a few odd sods. I’ve washed all of my bedding that was in my bed so that is all fresh and clean. Tomorrow I’m picking up another set of sheets and a few new sleeping pillows. Also BouClair has a piece of art work I would like to pick up for my little hallway.

It’s $26.99 and its a set of two see photo below, they are canvas.



This would look super cute and go with the rest of my girly shoe obsession that I think I have, anything to do with shoes. I have a wine bottle holder heck I even have a shoe chair in the shape of a red pump. Any who I really hope to pick this up tomorrow. My mom and I are going to get a few things and do a grocery run then drop it all off at the new apartment and then come back to their house and pick up Miss Diva. I’m excited to see how she reacts to the new apartment. I know she has been a little stressed out with all of the moving and me leaving for a few hours at a time and moving the othe pet bed and things out and not coming back with it. But boy when she gets there and sees everything and her new dog bed and toy box filled with brand new toys and one oldish toy I think she will be surprised for sure.

The nice thing is and I know I said this in my other post is that she will be able to get used to it for a short period and then will hopefully settle In once we get dropped off tomorrow evening. I know since I’ve been home today (at the rents) after the move she has been following me around. Also I wanted to say I took her and Sophie out for a long walk today which they enjoyed since it was so nice out.

Any who I’m beat so im gonna go to bed now look out for some after photos tomorrow

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All Moved

So today was moving day tho at the moment I’m at my parents because I’m sleeping here one last night and to take advantage of their washer an dryer. I’m washing all of my bedding then tomorrow I need to bring it all over to the new place as well pack up my laptop and little things. Also have to finish getting groceries and bring Diva over to the new pad. Then from there we will hang out for a few hours before my brother picks us up to go back to my folks for Sunday dinner. And then he will drop me off with Diva and we will spend our first night there.

Moving on to how the move went it went smoothly and quickly Thankfully. The maintenance guy was a little late but I was lucky and by the time he did show up my brother and Marc had already moved my red love seat up to the apartment so when the guy showed up for the elevator there was only my bed and my dresser , night stand tables and my octagon table.

I brought my high heel chair up and Marc got my tv up and after all that my parents went out and grabbed lunch for us. From there we hung a few things up and got the  livingroom curtains up. All that is left tomorrow is to hang a few more things up and that’s pretty much it.

I also met a few more people who live In the building and they were very nice. I’m still sorta of blown away that I finally have my own place it’s very surreal but I’m excited for this new chapter to start.

Photos coming tomorrow I promise.

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98% Done



So I am about 98% done at this point of moving my things over to the new pad. This morning my father and I headed over with all of my pictures two of my mirrors. A few other things and my area rug as well a floating shelf.

We hung my bedroom curtain rod and I put two curtains onto it. I have about 4 panels for the bedroom and brought two over so there is some form of a window covering. We hung the big mirror in my bedroom.

We hung the hall mirror and my dad installed the chain lock on my front door. He fixed the one kitchen shelf that needed fixing. I put away some bathroom things that I packed up last night and brought over today to unload. But because my dad is still suffering from the after effects from shingles he’s still in a lot of pain so that is all we were able to do today which in my opinion was a lot.

The only thing that has to be moved over now are a few things and I have a few pictures that need to be hung, a few odd things from my bedroom like decorative boxes that have things in them. My iPod player / radio. A few bath products and my clothing and furniture. I’m getting together with a friend of mine tomorrow and she’s letting me bring a few things over to the apartment so I will most likely move my clothing over everything I’m not wearing.

My bedroom is looking a little naked haha it’s very bare.

Click photo lol



It’s strange to be in a room that is so very bare. But I’m not nervous anymore about moving if anything I’m thrilled because my apartment is looking more like a home and less like an empty space. And I love my kitchen yaya I know I keep saying that but you all wont have to wait to much longer to see it.

I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow when I’m over there and show all of you. Moving is almost done ya hoo.

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