My Bad Dream

I seem to always have it

Every time she leaves

But once I get her back

I feel at total ease

Shes been through everything

All my ups and downs

Shes been by my side

When I’m feeling down

I love her more than words can say

I think I’d feel lost without her

If she ever went astray

There s nothing more powerful

Than the bond between

Owner & Pooch

But every time she’s away from me

I get bad dreams

They are always about her leaving my side

Getting loose

Getting sick

Eventually passing away

It makes me sad

It makes me speak in my sleep

Once I wake I feel at total ease

When I see her fast asleep

I love her more than words can say

My Bad Dream


Lana Poulson



I used to feel lonely 😭

because I was single

always wanting someone to complete me

I’ve spent years searching online

going on endless dates

Slept with many short falls

having few relationships

that were not the perfect fit

The realization was real

to think I could be alone forever

Then one day I started to love ❤️ myself

whole heartedly

Leaving online

knowing I’ll meet my man

out in the real world 🌎

when the timing is just right

Right now

I’m 😌 content.

Though I still feel lonely at times

I’m human



Lana Poulson

I’ve Owned It!

I apologized more then once

I said I was sorry


You apologized for saying what you said

I accepted it

Your still calling me critical

And judgy at times

And yet I thought we dealt with it

You can dish it out but can’t deal when it’s returned

I owned it!

I’m not apologizing again

This friendship isn’t working

I’m not perfect I owned my shit but I’m done.


I Owned It!


Lana Poulson

I Hate Being Alone


Being alone sucks

always by your self

it’s lonely


Though I have friends



It’s still lonely


Nobody to hold

to snuggle up to

To walk and talk

holding hands



Its fucking lonely


Though I have a four-legged friend

shes currently my everything

my family I’m thankful to have in my life as well my friends


But it’s just not the same as having someone

close to you that you can touch and hold on too

count on to be there when your blue

hold you’re hand when your down

It’s just not the same


They fill you with ❤️ love

a forever feeling

loving you for you

kissing their 👄 lips

a connection like no other


I Hate Being Alone


Lana Poulson

In A Funky Mood

Not in a great mood,

or a fabulous mood

or a give two shits kinda mood.

I’m in a funky mood

Not in a bad mood

or a mad mood

or a hateful mood

I’m in a funky mood

I’m not in a naughty mood

or a sexy mood

or a sexual mood

I’m in a funky mood

I’m not in a depressed mood

or an irritated mood

or a totally eclipse of the heart mood

I’m in a funky mood

I’m not in a loving mood

or a hug me mood

or a touch me mood

I’m in a funky mood


In A Funky Mood


Lana Poulson