Sometimes You Need A Kit Kat Break

I think breaks are healthy to have when it comes to everything. Recently I posted a video on my YouTube channel saying I was taking a small break to focus on other things, my channel will still be up with all its videos. But I need a break from it for a few reasons. To focus on some new adventures such as work which might happen sooner than later. As well the simple fact I’m getting bored of it. I want to enjoy life and the many experiences life has to offer. I’m not getting paid by ads to post videos. I don’t make money off of it. And let’s be honest shall we. If you think your going to get rich from YouTube in a year or two you’re probably not going to. How it works is through google ad sense you get an account through google who puts ads on your videos. If people click the ads you get a few cents worth of the profits. And that’s pretty much it. So if you have a job already don’t quit it.

When I start making some serious pay checks from a job I doubt I’ll be up to wanting to make any new videos unless I have a few hours to do so. Posting videos maybe done a few times a month if that. Sure I’d love to get an updated camera for say vlogging or something but I highly doubt it. My plan is to save some serious money and move downtown. As well get some new furniture pieces as well some traveling.

For me YouTube is just something fun to do and to kill some time. That’s pretty much it. I doubt I’ll be spending money on wigs. Since I don’t really wear them all to often. And as for reviewing makeup products I don’t wear makeup daily at the moment. So no huge makeup collections here plus most cosmetics have expiration dates. Also I only really wear wigs for burlesque, Halloween or if I’m wanting to drastically change my hair color and or it’s crappy weather and I want to rock a wig that closely matches my current hairstyle.

I will most likely blog since it’s always something I’ve done. From back in the MSN group days where they had MSN blogs. I’ve always enjoyed expressing my thoughts this way. So much so I prefer it over speaking to a camera on YouTube. Also less trolls lol. And this way I can still have 100% control over who sees my posts if I so choose there is that as well.

Anywho so yeah I’m taking a break from YouTube. I have though been spending time making video screen thumbnails which has been rather fun for all my YouTube videos. Some may think why though if you’re not doing new videos. But it’s just to make the videos look a little better. I do mention that I may post a video of my tape-in extensions but other then that I won’t be posting for a while.


You’re In The Wrong Body, Kid

I am extremely excited to be able to share finally my documentary that I was in last year with all of you. It is age restricted to 18+ because there is some scenes that I don’t think are appropriate for younger viewers. That being said please enjoy.

YouTube Haters

Twice now I’ve had some hate comments on two of my videos. Just yesterday I saw a hate comment on one of my videos, I get sent emails when people leave comments. I went over to possibly leave a polite response saying “That’s your opinion” or just delete it but when I went to view it it was gone. I had one on another video and at first I spoke back but then removed my comment because what’s the point.

I remember my friend Marey told me about some nut job who made cartoon videos of not just me but her as well some other YouTube ladies, it’s was totally messed up that this person would spend any amount of time poking fun and being stupid to make up a video of cartoon characters. I had tried to report some of them to YouTube to have them taken down but I do t think it worked and in all honesty people who watch them or make them or leave hate comments are just sad pathetic people who need help and there not happy and so they want to bring others down with them.

But you know full well they can hide behind their computer screens or smart phones or tablets but they would never have the balls to say shit in front of your face. Because honestly if they did I’d punch them the fuck out. Though I don’t contend violence I will stick up for my self and if they throw the first punch well this bitch will go bat shit crazy on your ass lmao but seriously I will.

Negative comments though nobody likes them sorta comes with being online. People will say things because they have nothing else better to do. As Taylor Swifts one song is  titled “Shake It Off” just shake it off. I know sometimes easier said then done but sometimes you just have too.

Over & Out