Get Natural Brows Without Makeup

I posted about this method on my YouTube Channel but I’ll write about it here because today I redid this method. My new way of dying my eyebrows is still using Just For Men Beard Dye but not leaving it on for five minutes.

Items you will need.

  • The kit
  • Cotton pads & Cotton Q-tips
  • An angled brush
  • Vaseline
  • Timer


  1. Using a Cotton q-tip put the Vaseline around your brows
  2. Remove the container from the box and mix equal parts of dye and developer about a pea size amount. Using the clear part of the applicator mix together.
  3. Using the angled brush dip into the colour and apply to brows making sure to get all the hairs and carve out your brows basically
  4. Set a timer for 2:20 minutes
  5. When the timer is up take a Cotton pad with cold water and wipe away
  6. Put a little Vaseline over the brows and your done

The reason I add some Vaseline afterwards is I find the dye a little drying afterwards. But it also makes it look good too. I usually dye or tint my brows when I remember too. It lasts about two to three weeks depending on washing your face and that sort of thing. Of course if you leave the dye on for five minutes it will tint your skin. I’ve learned from doing that. But I find by just doing it for 2:20 minutes it does it perfectly without totally tinting my skin.

It makes a huge difference. And on the days I don’t feel like wearing makeup or not a lot it’s great. Let’s face it brows shape you’re face. And from barely there to there is awesome.

Try it out and share your thoughts below.

Over & Out


My Quest To Long Hair, My Never Ending Journey!

So it may never end which is fine but what has ended is me buying clip-in extensions online. I ordered from a company I will not mention only because I’m sure some or many people liked what they got. But the extensions I bought are to light in Color and I can’t return them because I’ve already washed them. Like the Soprano extensions I bought in a shop these had a coating on them to make them super shiny and smooth so smooth that they didn’t blend with my hair and till after I washed and dried them. Oh by the way this new set they don’t fully blend with my hair because of the length and the under part of my hair is darker than on top. I’ll keep them of course and when I decide to go darker I’ll just Color them.

Also I find they are extremely heavy, not sure why I thought quad wefts would be lighter because they are so not light.

Since my hair has grown out I’ve been obsessed with it! That might be an understatement because every so often I obsess about the different methods of more permanent hair extensions the ones you don’t un-clip. I’ve probably researched every kind out there, from tape-ins to hot and cold fusions to keratin bonds, Great Lengths and every kind in-between which I just named mostly all of them can’t forget sew in weaves too.

Ive also looked at the different price points of almost all of them. As well watched a few 100 videos over on YouTube. I’d like to just wake up and not have to clip anything into my hair or throw a wig on over top of my hair. It’s like when I did’t have hair I obsessed over what wigs to get and now that I have decent length of hair I’m obsessed over having it longer and by extensions & hair pieces.

I know I’m not alone with my hair obsession. Only because hair extension company’s and salons are making a killing in women’s quest to long hair. You can go in to most salons and leave the same day with longer thicker hair and even added in high lights or low lights without any major damage to your own hair.

Of course with any kind of hair service such as extensions there is maintenance  with how to brush them to washing and styling. Some forms of extensions can last from a few hours such as clip-ins to longer periods such as 3 to 6 months by bonded ones.

But thanks to my father because we had a chat last night and he was my voice of reason. Basically said if I want long hair to just rock a wig they are more costs effective and really, I don’t have the money to upkeep hair extensions. In the amount of time you can leave permanent extensions in your hair. My hair will be just as long in three to 6 months anyways. If I can find a wig that is similar in hair Color to mine and longer in length and good quality synthetic then it will just look like I have extensions.

The joys in having a long hair obsession!

Dream Waves Beach Spray

imageSo I have bought a few Marc Anthony curl products since growing out my hair. I’ve been using the Strictly Curls shampoo and conditioner and it just sorta amps up my waves a tad and the curl lotion doesn’t make my hair any more curly like I thought it might.

But recently I noticed he has some hair products for beach wavesimage though every where I go I haven’t seen the shampoo or conditioner any where. I picked up the dream waves beach spray and it works amazingly on my hair. The curl lotion in the Strictly Curls line doesn’t curl my hair but it does make it wavyish.

imageToday I went on the hunt hitting up a few spots and didn’t find the S&C any where. Their website states the locations here in Canada where the products are sold but doesn’t list which ones.

I have gone to five places in total as well some online places. And no one is selling it.

Update: I contacted Marc Anthony’s website and got an email back saying they have discontinued the Dream Waves Shampoo @ Conditioner. I responded back with they might want to remove it off the site because it’s misleading and or put next to it now discounted. Will they?, who knows but they should because it gives the costumer hope that they can go and buy it.

Anyways for my full review check out my video below.

What Are Your 3 Makeup Products To Have On A Desert Island?


Which items from your makeup would you pick if you were stranded on a desert island and why?.

  1. Physicians formula super cc plus cream in light / medium
  2. Brown Mascara any brand
  3. Pink lip gloss any brand

First thing is Physicians formula because it has a SPF of 30 it’s an amazing product and it makes my skin look flawless. And I wanna look good when I get rescued hehe.

I would want brown mascara because I could use it as a brow filler as well as a natural looking mascara to define the lashes as well brows. So I’m getting a two in one combo.

Last but not least pink lip gloss because again I could double it up as a blush by putting a little bit on the cheeks and making my lips look fuller and teeth whiter. Pink makes the teeth look brighter.

In the end when I get rescued I’ll look flawless yet natural and fully made up looking cute. Which products would you use and why?.

Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes Oh My!

2005 – 2006

The past two nights I have had dreams of me with different hair colors. The night before I had a dream that I changed my hair Color to red. The whole dream was me with my hair red and being a redhead and rocking like a ginger red Color.

Last nights dream I had changed my hair to a reddish brown. And the whole dream was me with brown hair. I have no idea what these dreams mean. Maybe it’s just me thinking of my past experience with hair dye.

Back in 2005 I went to the hair salon and went blonde after that I would do boxed dye from the drug store and stayed blonde for quite some time. Then in 2006 I wanted to go fire engine red. Which as you can clearly see in the photo a bright red and yes that was my bio hair then not a wig. Well after about two days it washed out and made my hair turn orange.

Of course I was not going to get stuck with orange hair I went back to the drug store and bought another box of hair dye in a reddish brown Color. The photo below the red one is not long after I believe.

That was A. The longest my hair had been in quite some time and B. Sadly trich had shown its ugly face and not long after I had to start wearing wigs full-time again.

Sure changing my hair Color is for some reason always on my mind I’m never happy for long and am always wanting to switch up my natural hair Color. But I’m resisting the urge though it gets hard sometimes because I have flash moments of just being sick of my hair lol. I’m sure all girls/guys know what’s that like.

I would have to say if you ever want to change your bio hair do so with a wig instead of full on hair dye. Less damage, less  breakage and more cost-effective. Or just learning to accept your natural color.

Are you addicted to changing your hair Color as much as I am? Comment below.



Hello Oil Pulling – Say What?


If you haven’t heard of oil pulling your not alone. When I googled coconut oil and the benefits of using this miracle oil I was blown away at

A. How many uses it can be used for


B. How cheap it is to buy.

I first started using it on my hair doing scalp treatments once a week I sware to god my hair has grown so quickly and is so much more healthy because of those treatments. I also only wash my face with it and though I still do have some break outs nothing like before. I also use it as an acne spot treatment. As a makeup remover and in shower moisturizer as well as just a moisturizer. Hand and nail cuticle oil andnow I’ve started to do oil pulling.

From what I have read up about Oil Pulling is its amazing for healthy teeth and gums. It removes toxins with in the mouth and it also whitens teeth. It’s been around for over 3.000 years.

Basically you want to use about a Teaspoon or more nothing overly big because it does get liquefied in your mouth but you really need to use 100% extra virgin coconut oil. They say to get the best benefits to swish it in your mouth for about 20 minutes and don’t swallow it. You would be amazed how quickly 20 minutes go by when you keep busy. When you go to spit it out do so in the trash not the sink. It’s normal to be a thicker milky Color when you spit it out, Then brush as usual. I’ve read that it’s best to do it first thing in the morning but really anytime is fine. Because I’ve done it twice now and I haven’t done it first thing in the morning only because I forget too in fact I maybe do it once a week. To me if I remember too I still reap from the benefits.

Anyways if you want more detailed info Google Oil Pulling.


My Hair Journey


The last time I had long hair was back in 2005 to 2006. I spent probably 3 years or so growing out my hair and in my life I’ve had my hair long a max 3 times but never down to my boobs. Though that is my goal to get it that long. Trichotillomania has ruined my chances of ever getting it super long but my plan is still to get it to my goal length of just above or to my bra closure at my back.

I wanted to post the photo above for a while to do the comparison of how long it’s taken me to grow out my hair. It’s taken me two years to get to the current length but not without some crazy ass hard times mixed in. I have worked through the urg to shave my head after a few small set backs in the beginning. I can thank Trich to those but I managed to work through them. I also worked through some highly stressful times and typically my go to was to pull. But when I started my hair growth journey my way of handling stress and my hair was bothering me I would rock my turban. Clip all my hair up or do other things. Since then Trich is no where to be seen thankfully.

Now I obsess over my hair. I rarely use hot tools on it. Including blow drying instead now I let my hair air dry. I do coconut oil treatments once a week which has improved my hair growth. I get trims every 3 to 4 months to keep the split ends at bay. And though I have had my hair coloured by not just salon but by boxed dye my hair is in amazing condition thanks to coconut oil. As well the no heat method.

Ever since I was little I have always loved long hair. I think it’s super feminine, Models back when I was little when I watched Fashion Television all had long hair. Barbie had long hair and you can do so many different hair styles with long hair. And so that’s when my obsession with long hair began. My goal is to grow it as long as I can and have super healthy pretty hair.

I figure if I keep doing what I’m doing besides the hair coloring part I think by the end of this year I’ll get closer to my hair goal.