I Did Not Know

I did not know I could be so in love

In love with him as much as I am

I love his laugh

When he looks at me as intently as he does

I love his touch

When he kisses me

Holds me so close

I did not know, I would fall so deeply in love

I dream of our wedding day, he is forever in my heart

We are so close so entwined

I did not know

I could love someone as much as I love him

He makes me feel special

He loves me for who I am

As I love him for who he is

I love that every time we speak

I love you leaves our lips

Those three words are spoken

Before we hang up or say good night.

I Did Not Know


Lana Poulson


A Love Letter

To my beloved boyfriend. I love how you make me feel. The touch of your hand on my skin. The way you look at me. I love how much you love me.

I love how your different then me that were not exactly alike but that we have many things in common. I love how you don’t care if I’m in comfy clothing when you come over, or not a stick of makeup on. That you love me for who I am regardless of my flaws.

I love you Mr M

Over & Out