My Ever Changing Home

A few years ago even maybe before I moved out my father had  acquired three mirrored candle holders in different sizes. The sparkle of them lit me up, mainly because I love things that sparkle and glitters. Well I finally let them go and asked a friend if she wanted them. She gladly took them from me which made me feel lighter. I realized I no longer feel the need to have tons of sparkly items to make me love them. I can own fewer and still feel strongly about them.

I also downsized my nail polish collection. I’ve come to learn that I don’t need to own tons of pink nail polishes or glitter nail polishes to be happy. I used to think that having multiples of the same thing would be beneficial some how. Like owning five summer skirts in different colours and styles or tank tops for that matter. But we usually only end up wearing our favourite items anyways and those doubles or triples end up sitting in the dresser drawer and till it’s the last item you either end up wearing or not because you’re  wearing something else.

I spoke to my dad a week ago now and said there is a wonderful documentary on Netflix called, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things and was wondering if he would be interested in watching it also maybe my mom would like to watch it so she can get a better idea on why I’m doing it. And he said yes so I popped it into his list to watch later.

Of course everyone’s vision of living more simplistic is different. Some people like bare walls while others like to have few pieces of art work on the wall. Some have a capsule wardrobe while others have more than 50 pieces of clothing. Some own one purse while others like me have like 8 hand bags lol.

I have to say though which ever way you’re doing your minimalism I do know this. Everything that has happened to me since becoming more simple and minimalistic my life has changed for the better, I feel lighter, positive and energy wise it’s just been fantastic.

I no longer feel the need to keep owning things that are the same and having multiple items that are basically the same thing. I also no longer follow a ton of makeup gurus on YouTube if anything I enjoy watching minimalists and that sort of thing. Also it’s nice to have a bit more money that I can use to say finish my electrolysis and be done that sooner than later.

I’m just thrilled with how my life is going right now and if I knew things would change if I I lived more minimalistic. I would have done it sooner than later.

Here is the trailer



Love My Job!

Honestly out of all the jobs I’ve ever done this is by far my favourite. I got to get my fingers wet again and worked on cash. It’s becoming one of my favourite things so far  especially the online returns because they are pretty easy to do. I also love when customers ask for my opinion on sizes and things like what do you think looks better. As well helping them in general. I’ve learned pretty much everything there is at my store and have really enjoyed it all. Also the great feed back I’ve gotten from management and my supervisor is awesome. My father always said you should love what you do. And so far  I honestly love it.

It’s also nothing like what I had done at Winners when I worked there in 2011. Everything happens for a reason and I believe it’s all about timing. So there you have it I’m loving my job as a Brand Associate yay me. Also the majority of my wardrobe is already ON so it just makes sense haha.

Do you love your work ?

Living With Less

Since decluttering, removing and down sizing my belongings. I’ve come to love everything I own. And realizing having more than I need will never make me happy. I used to want more pots or pans, more dishes, more throw blankets and more clothing. Every time I’d go out I’d want more. Even when I didn’t need it. You go into a mall and you see sales here, sales there, sales everywhere. Seeing more art work of the same thing I already owned like Marilyn Monroe. As well spending more than I had.

As a child I was all about saving my money and not spending every last dime I had. Then I grew up and it all changed. I got my self into credit debt not the best move I ever made. But the good news is it’s being paid off. The other good news is that I know what I need. And don’t need. I own two pots a small one and a medium size one. I own three pans and one large sauté pan that has a bit of a deeper bottom to it. Unless they fall apart I don’t need more. As a single person having a set of 16 place setting dish’s I also don’t need and no longer own.

My grandmothers China. I also got rid of the extras and donated them and kept four of each four bigger plates, I had four medium plates but one broke and two small saucers as well the tea kettle. As well a serving platter & a few tea cups that my other grandmother had.

Out of my own dishes I kept two dinner plates and two smaller plates. One bowl, and last year I bought two bigger bowls for eating which are perfect for soup or pasta. Four regular drinking glasses and two  specialty Marilyn drinking glasses. I have a few baking things like pans and bread pan and two muffin tins. And two baking sheet pans. A few cutting boards some just for fish or chicken. A tea kettle for the stove.

My wardrobe consists of things I need. And to have some variety and to mix and match. For comfy classic and causal yet dressy and sophisticated. I recently bought some fleece lined tights. And donated two pairs of fleece lined leggings that just were to tight in my body. I’ve also thrown out shirts with stains or are falling apart. Stop holding on to those things. They have been well worn but it’s time for them to go.

By not spending ever last dime I have on shopping. I have more money and the desire to shop has decreased so much. In fact I no longer desire to shop online and have unsubscribed  from many mailing lists. Less email clutter. The one thing I dislike about  social media are the shopping ads they throw in your face as they do on Instagram or Facebook. And even tv talk shows when they share about things they tell you you need to have.

Though the  minimalism is what I’d love to fully do. I do enjoy and love what I have held on too. And I don’t believe in getting rid of everything, Nor do I believe in only have a few pieces of clothing. But it does make me feel good that I don’t need to have a lot to have a beautiful place or have beautiful things. And the clothing I own I love all the pieces.

I know going forward I will never buy another Marilyn Monroe item. I know that having more materialistic things will not make me happy. And I also know that by having more doesn’t make me feel good. Shopping was a rush and buying something on sale was a thrill but once it happened that feeling went away and I felt really bad after.

By not buying into consumerism I feel better about my self. I feel better about the things I own. And I value what I do have. I no longer have an emotional tie with my belongings as I did in the past. Of course there are some items I do have that I love and the memories that are tied to them. If that item was to get lost or stolen or I gave it to someone else or what have you, I would still have the memories of that piece.

Anyways there are things that you do at some point have to replace. Like sofas or beds or dishes or whatever but it’s being more mindful on what you spend your money on. Same with clothing like getting timeless pieces or better quality clothing that didn’t cost 5$. However there are some shirts I have bought on sale that lasted 8 years though some of them are now gone. But yeah.

I just feel better with less crap. Though with less crap the better you feel.  Now I just have to work on my mind lol 😆

Hello Suzy Shier

It’s been about a minute since I’ve gotten new clothing well today was the day. Before I go on I should mention that I used to shop at this store like 8 years ago. Also deep down I love business casual attire. Pieces you can mix and match as well use for going out for drinks or date night or work.

So the last time I went to this store I noticed this gorgeous plaid skirt. It’s soft but heavy enough that you could rock hose or tights under it. Perfect for fall or even winter.

Also I love tops with bell sleeves. I found this gorgeous royal blue blouse with a tie detail in the back.

The skirt is so freaking cute and so comfy. I had to get another one but in a different pattern which they had.

The top I didn’t buy but did like it lol. I think I’ll get a lot of uses out of the two skirts. I don’t own many skirts as far as business casual types go. I find clothes shopping to be a pain unless I’m in the mood. Id like to find another pair of dress pants and another pair of shoes then I believe my business casual attire will be good to go.

Over & Out

Pink Bomber Jacket

I was out today looking for a black skirt but instead I landed on this gorgeous pink bomber jacket. It was on sale reg $35 on for $24.95. The one I tried on had the tiniest mark that I ended up getting but I also got 30% off because I asked if I could get like 10% off because of the mark. The sales girl was like I’ll give you 20% off and then quickly said I gave you 30% instead.

It’s a dry clean only but I’m sure the mark will come off when I gets cleaned. But it’s so small you can’t really see it. At least I didn’t see it till I took it off and looked it over. And the best part it fits in the arms which I always have trouble with. It’s super cute super retro and will be great with lots of different outfits.

The size I got is large. Just so you know what it looks like on someone who’s 6’2.

If your interested go check it out online at Suzy Shier and pick one up while you can.

Over & Out

Sweater Dresses

Can I just say how much I despise shopping for these. There is a clothing store that I go to and it’s not really for super tall ladies but I have bought quite a few things from them in the last year and a half or so. Of course I have. To be in the mood to try stuff on and sure I get a few misses but for the most part I luck out. That being said Sweater Dresses are an utter nightmare. Today I decided to go to this shop that won’t be named lol. I had to have tried on at least 15 styles plus one normal length sweater top.

I tried stripes which you would think would be okay but they were not. I tried ones with a bigger neck line. I tried one that had peak-a-boo shoulders that was the normal length one. I tried a few with belts attached, those didn’t work because of where they sat. Oh also trying to find a Large was difficult anything bigger then that good luck finding. I sware some of the larges were small even though the tag clearly said large I think they were mistaken.

I did manage to get two different but similar styles. Both are black off the shoulder styles one being an inch or longer then the other. The one is basic black but can totally be glitzed up with different jewellery or scarves. And the other has a bit of Glitz with the silver threading that can be dressed up even more if one wished, it also has decorative zippers to make it funky.


I used to have a grey off the shoulder sweater but had given it away years ago when I got fat. And had wished I’d kept it around. Super happy I got these. Also one sweater at reg price was 60$ which I got for $25 & the other was $50 which I got for $20. I’d say I lucked out. It’s nice to have other sweaters that are not fleece and are long enough to cover my butt in jeans or leggings.

I love my new sweaters.

LBD The Perfect Dress

Recently sorta I had bought a black dress from Old Navy. It’s a tank style very comfy and was a decent price. I had ordered a medium because it said it was a snug fit. But when I got it in the mail it was far from snug. Also it wasn’t very flattering and now will become a bum in the house or sleep in type dress because it’s cotton.

I did try to shrink it but that didn’t do much and if anything I look like a potato sack. Cute Image right ? Lol not.

Anyways while I was out with my mom today, we went to Winners and I found this little gem. Super classy in every way and will have for a long time. It’s perfect for any occasion and it’s also not heavy.


Sports Bras at Victoria Secret


So today I went down to VS to look about getting a much needed new sports bra. I get all my bras from VS I just like the customer service I get from them plus I like how their bras fit me. Also because I’m signed up with them I get coupons and today I was able to get $10 off one bra as well a free hip hugger panty. The bra on the right is a maximum support bra it has underwire cups and does up from the front as well as the zipper. I’m a 34DD in that style. The pink bra on the left is a medium support bra  even though the website says its light the tag says its medium.

Because my workouts are not to crazy the maximum I thought was a bit to much for me. It would be good for like running or something but I’m not jumping up and down too much and not for very long. The only real jumping I do in my workouts is jumping jacks and high knees running in place. The rest there is no jumping. I like how the pink bra makes my boobs look to haha.

Also the medium bra was $39.99 and the maximum was I believe $60 or something. Even with the $10 coupon I already knew going into the store I was not paying a crazy amount for a sports bra. I did end up buying the bra on the left. The cool thing though when I went to pick out a free pair of hip hugger panties I ended up finding another pair to buy. But I noticed on my receipt when I left the store I got the second pair for only $3.99 instead of the $9.95 so that was pretty sweet.

Right now they are giving out secret reward cards which are basically surprise gift cards worth anywhere from $10 up to $500 between March 29th and April 27th. You can only redeem the card in Canadian stores. And even the cashiers dont know how much are on the cards. So I’m excited to go back between those days and find out what I’ll be buying next. I love Victoria Secret lol. I’ve been buying my bras there ever since 2013.

Except for the few I bought from Walmart that are cheap and don’t do anything to support my breasts and I’ll be donating as soon as I get back to my apartment.

Happy Sports Bra Shopping.

Bright White Delight

imageSo I’m in love again I’ve been waiting so long and bam what do you know I found the perfect white Jean jacket and jeans. Old Navy has come out with the cutest cropped bright white jean jacket and better yet it also comes in tall. As well distressed skinny jeans also in bright white in tall and in my size 2.

I had a cropped jean jacket years ago that I had bought at Stitches clothing store but then got rid of it when I got fat. I should have kept it but oh well this new one will be even better because it’s bright white and will go with a ton of spring and summer clothing.

I have a bunch of summer dresses as well some fun shorts that now I can dress up and make a little more classy. I don’t wear a bra with some of the summer dresses I have and so now I’ll have a little more coverage if I need it.

imageThe distressed skinny jeans are from the Rockstar line and since seeing them on the site earlier in the month I’ve been wanting to get them. Also white is huge right now wearing white in the winter months. So if I wanted too I could wear them but say with a tight underneath. In a darker color which I have. I haven’t owned any white jeans since I lost all my weight. But these skinny jeans I can pair with a ton of different tops I own. Nothing speaks more to me then white it’s very I dunno luxe in my opinion.

Plus any type of top or shoe stands out. I have also some great summer shoes I can rock now as well bright tops and fun jewelry. I also want to mention both pieces are on sale right now. The Jean jacket is $25.50 and the jeans are $26.00. So if your loving them as much as I am I say go get them while you still can.

Also just to point out the jeans come in regular tall and petite and jacket comes in regular tall and petite. So if you are of normal height or short you can get yours as we’ll being my height tall.

Happy Shopping