Some Cool Things

So this post is a mash-up of what’s been happening lately. Nothing major but yesterday was my one year anniversary since I had a some what life changing surgery. So that’s pretty darn cool I do have to say. Hmm what else to date in total I have lost 65 pounds. I checked my high ratio for healthy weight and I fall almost in the middle for my height so that’s good.  For women who are 6′ 3″ (191 cm) 158 – 193, right now I’m 173lb. I got that from this chart that you can find here called height to weight ratio chart.

I just got a new wig in the mail today. I bought it off my friend for a great price. She never wore it but had bought it as a back up. The color is called dark chocolate and its very close to the color that I had dyed my hair. I’ll be doing a little review on it in the coming days. Once I have washed and styled it to my liking and do a small photo shoot haha with makeup on. I just washed it and its now drying but I need to part it how I like it and so forth.

Friday I’m going to see my boyfriend play hockey for the first time. Well me seeing him play I mean. That should be fun. I’ll most likely be wearing my new hair for sure. Hmmm I guess that’s it really nothing majorly new.

Keep an eye out for the wig review under Everything Beauty.

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