Pink Lips Telephone with Rhinestones

First let me start off by saying this thing took forever to arrive. The tracking info sucked and trying to track it was next to impossible. I ordered it on Feb 8th and it finally arrived today being March 26th. I ordered it from but it came from Japan or something to that. I wish that was only Canadian sellers but whatever I’m just happy this thing finally came in.

I did plug it in to make sure it worked which it fully does though it sounds strange but it reminds me of an old phone I had as a kid that was in the shape of a car and if I recall it sounds the same. It’s nothing special it sorta sounds funny but then I never bought it for the ringer. I bought it for the look to go with my Marilyn Monroe theme. It’s to be used to let people come in to my apartment building when they buzz up.

Now for the photos

image image


Over & Out