Diva Needs Dental Work


So Miss Diva went to the new vet yesterday. They wanted to run blood work on her but I opted not to have it done because the price of the dental work is pretty high up there already. So we’re gonna wait for that. So the dental work is more than one tooth. The only good news really is that her back teeth and big fangs lol are in great condition but her teeth up front the small ones on the bottom in the middle are in rough shape that need to be removed. And the she has two teeth on either side of her mouth on the top right and left side that need to be removed as well. So of course with each tooth removal they add more money onto it.

On the low-end it will cost around $880 or something and on the high-end $980 or something close to that either way it’s hell a expensive. But to be honest with you if it means she will be around for 6 or so more years it’s well worth it. She’s still young she will be 8 this August and between poms and chis they can live from 15 to 20 or so years, so have to have her in the best health right. So my baby is going for her dental work on the 20th its day surgery which is good. And she’s starting her antibiotics this Sunday since she has to be on it for five days before surgery then five days after.

So that is the latest with Diva.

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