Divas Latest Health Update

So miss Diva was due for her annual checkup but she also had some blood in her stool last week. I also thought she had a mass in her left side near her hip joint.


The scoop, the mass is a over developed muscle so not a mass at all. Her anal glands were super full so much so it was dark brown paste. The vet emptied them. Her heart rate is normal nothing has changed with the murmur. She has arthritis in her right leg higher up nothing to crazy tho.

The vet recommended she eat cooked plain beef and white rice for a few days to see if The mucus poop goes normal. There hasn’t been much blood since and it’s not a ton nor is it everyday. But a few small meals of the beef and rice a day.

She did get into that trash two weeks ago when I was out doing burlesque. So we think it might be something she consumed.

Over all shes healthy besides this small issue.

PS her 10th birthday is coming up next month.


Diva & Her Bad Teeth

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So Diva went to the vet today to get a vaccine. And while I was there she had a physical  . The vet tells me after looking at her teeth that they are in bad shape and that one tooth needs to be pulled. And that she’s between a stage of 3 & 4 of periodontitis. And her bad breath is not from her licking all the time because of the urine that she leaks. And yet the last time I saw this vet and he looked her over and looked at her teeth then he told me nothing of this sort.

Of course I said well I’m not here today about her mouth and I’m not made of money so he then tells me that he could give me a price quote. A low-end and a high-end. Check this out on the low-end if she needed just two teeth removed it would cost me. $869.73 and on the high-end if she needed more than 2 teeth removed it would cost. Ready for it lord $1,422.18. So before I decide to go there I’m gonna take her to this other vet and get a price comparison hopefully they will be way cheaper. And it won’t cost me a fortune crossing my fingers for that.

And the funny thing is about her breath the last time I asked him about it could it be from the urine he’s like yes. It’s like the vet does not know what he’s talking about or he’s giving me the run around. I don’t really like him all that much and find him a touch annoying. it’s like do you know what you’re talking about. Then he goes on to tell me about her hair cut and that when you cut a poms fur it does not grow back the same but its like buddie my dog is a mix with chihuahua. And the area that had red marks are all healed up. I don’t think I’m going to bring her back there even though it’s super close I can walk her there from my house. The last vet that was there this lady who was super nice and knew what she was talking about she was great but this new guy I don’t care for.

Plus the other vet they have more vets that work at the other vet hospital so that’s good. On the plus side Diva’s back to the weight she was at 17.6 pounds. So that’s good news. When I asked the guy should I leave her on what she’s on or switch food, he’s like just increase the amount she’s eating. It’s like ok but I would think she could just go back to her old food just not eat so much of it. The food she is on is for weight control but she’s at the weight she was at plus shes getting daily walks when it’s not raining out. Any who so that is the latest with Miss Diva. Hopefully the other vet it won’t cost so much for her teeth. And I’ll be able to get it done at some point. It sucks her mouth is so damn bad because I brush her teeth everyday.

But I’ll do what needs to be done to keep her around longer heck she will be 7 on August 24th. So it’s not like she’s old by any means. And besides her mouth she is in perfect health so that’s a plus as well.

Love my Diva.

Over & Out



Update On Diva & The Vet

So the good news is that nothing is really wrong with diva except that her fur loss seems to be from age and nothing to do with her health. He said that poms can have fur loss as they age. The blood work came back and everything is pretty fine with her. He did say that she could develop diabetes later on in life but nothing to be overly concerned with her right now. And that she needs to go on a diet. Other then that everything is fine with her. Also hormonal testing could be done but that’s to expensive and so is the medication and I’m just not going to worry about that right now. Her fur bothers me more then it does her so I’ll just get over it. If need be I’ll get her a sweater if it gets that bad though I doubt it lol.

So good news yay.

Over and out