Are We There Yet?



I posted the above photo on my FB page this morning. Though I just want to get my keys already and start the process of everything including painting the kitchen cabinets hang shelving and slowly move my things over. The one thing I dislike about moving is knowing your moving and your like 95% fully packed. And your just waiting for things to happen. I’m excited that I’m finally getting my keys next Tuesday.

Even though I said I was not going to start packing till closer to this coming weekend in my mind it’s just more real that it’s happening if I see less stuff around. I have one container to fill and then I need to move things over so I can unload some of it. This move I think is going to be one of those moves where it’s so easy and stress free because packing was easy to do and is pretty much complete.

The next post that has anything to do with my new place will be before photos of it before I paint and move things over which will be next Tuesday when I pick the keys up and go over to the apartment. The joys of moving ugh.

Over & Out