Inebrya Ice Cream Hair Color

Its been a while since I’ve posted any videos here. So here is a new colouring video. I’m totally obsessed over the color as well the product.


Needing A Hair Pick Me Up

As everyone knows I’m obsessed with my hair. Well seeing that I have not grey but white hair mainly in the front of my head mixed in with my natural shade bothers me at the moment. I really tried to stick it out and grow out my natural color but those white hairs still bother me so I said fuck it and bought some hair colour.

I picked up L’Oréal Casting Creme Colour in 4G Dark Golden Brown. I’m pretty sure I’ve been this color before like sometime last year. Either way golden brown has red in it and my bio hair has red tones so I knew this would be a pretty color on me. The one thing I never paid much attention to before was they recommend for best results to wet your hair prior to application for best results which I honestly thought was kinda strange.

But to my surprise worked a lot easier. I used 1 box, as well an applicator brush and a small bowl. I took my time, section by section, using a hand-held mirror as well my mirror that is on my bathroom cabinet. I left it in my hair a little longer because of the white hairs. I should mention this is not permanent hair color and will wash out in 28 shampoos or so. I’m kinda amazed that by wetting your hair that it would be all over even but it makes sense some how.

I didn’t want to go as dark as I went before but still dark. And the nice thing is I won’t have an odd demarcation line when it fades which is also a nice plus. It’s cloudy here and the sun wasn’t out when I took the photo below. I also wanted a color refresh for when I go for job interviews and such. I just feel more polished.

Also my hair is so shiny so yay.

Here is a helpful video. Doesn’t matter what shade you pick but how you apply it for best results does matter.

Bye Bye Marilyn, Hello 👋🏻Norma Jeane

You ever get the urge to do something drastic to your hair and then realize not soon after that you probably should have left your hair well enough alone. But by that point it’s to late and your so unhappy that you get it in your head that you should fix what you started. And sure there could have been a way to save your mistake by going to a professional but you wanted to fix your mistake the way you started. Watch my video below and learn from it. And please for the love of whatever get some pop corn 🌽 and no it won’t hurt my feelings if you laugh out loud at it.

On the positive side. I still have hair! 😂

Staying Blonde!

imageI love being blonde even if most of it’s not all mine lol. Yes sure I could rock a wig that’s blonde, which wigs will always be something I will enjoy of any Color and style but right now I don’t feel like going back to any form of dark.

Lets keep it real my go to boxed dye works for my hair the outcome is always great and I’ve never had a real major problem with Belle hair dye for going blonde. It lifts my hair to the Color I like.

If I were to go back to the dark side no doubt it would be a few trips to the salon. Because I would have to deposit the different tones such as red to go back to brown. And quite honestly I look at my blonde hair and I just love it. Box dye wins again, I just bought two boxes of the same Color I had reviewed last time of the Belle Color 110 Extra Light Natural Blonde.  I bought two boxes this time around, I’m only doing my roots but want to make sure there are no missing areas.

Also to really have super healthy hair is not to dye it at all but then again once hair has grown out of the scalp it’s dead anyways so really it’s all a mind fuck lol. Any who don’t blondes have more fun anyways lol. Plus I feel closer to Marilyn Monroe she started out as a brunette then went blonde and heck she was platinum. Ah haha anywho I’m staying blonde for a while.

Over & Out

Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes Oh My!

2005 – 2006

The past two nights I have had dreams of me with different hair colors. The night before I had a dream that I changed my hair Color to red. The whole dream was me with my hair red and being a redhead and rocking like a ginger red Color.

Last nights dream I had changed my hair to a reddish brown. And the whole dream was me with brown hair. I have no idea what these dreams mean. Maybe it’s just me thinking of my past experience with hair dye.

Back in 2005 I went to the hair salon and went blonde after that I would do boxed dye from the drug store and stayed blonde for quite some time. Then in 2006 I wanted to go fire engine red. Which as you can clearly see in the photo a bright red and yes that was my bio hair then not a wig. Well after about two days it washed out and made my hair turn orange.

Of course I was not going to get stuck with orange hair I went back to the drug store and bought another box of hair dye in a reddish brown Color. The photo below the red one is not long after I believe.

That was A. The longest my hair had been in quite some time and B. Sadly trich had shown its ugly face and not long after I had to start wearing wigs full-time again.

Sure changing my hair Color is for some reason always on my mind I’m never happy for long and am always wanting to switch up my natural hair Color. But I’m resisting the urge though it gets hard sometimes because I have flash moments of just being sick of my hair lol. I’m sure all girls/guys know what’s that like.

I would have to say if you ever want to change your bio hair do so with a wig instead of full on hair dye. Less damage, less  breakage and more cost-effective. Or just learning to accept your natural color.

Are you addicted to changing your hair Color as much as I am? Comment below.



Saying Goodbye To All Hair Dye! – Hello Healthy Hair!


Is it possible that I can actually do this? That’s something I want to work on doing. When I was little I had an amazing hair Color it was natural and I have every shade in my hair. Red, blonde,gold,brown kind of like a golden brown. Anyways I’ve always liked to change my hair and every time I grow my hair out I go through different shades. But lately I’ve been on a kick of having the healthiest hair I can have and let’s be honest here. It would be more cost-effective to skip all future dye and just let my hair grow. Of course I have to take care of the Color that’s in it right now.

But if I can just keep getting my regular trims every 4 months to remove the split ends. And keep doing my coconut oil deep conditioning treatments and use my good shampoo and conditioner. My hair will be in the best healthiest condition. And if the roots really become a huge problem then I’ll sport a wig or two while I’m growing the blonde out or rock a headband or something.

Also what is really in all that hair dye anyways?,  like those chemicals that I can’t even pronounce?. I’m also really loving my natural hair texture which really is wavy/curly. The last thing I want to do is ruin it by coloring. I’ve also managed how much coconut oil to use when I do my deep scalp treatments and to really just focus on my scalp more so then drenching my hair with the oil. Whatever is left on my hands is what gets distributed onto the strands.

That has really been trial and error. Because when I put too much oil on my hair even though I wash it off it doesn’t get all off and then it ways my hair down as well my waves/curls. Anyways I want healthy hair and part of that I’m assuming is calling it quits to all hair dye and accepting and embracing my natural hair Color for what it is.

One thing I did enjoy seeing which most people would probably disagree with me on this, is watching my roots come in. Because psychologically it would tell me how much my hair has grown. Which would give me warm fuzzy feelings because of me wanting to grow my hair long. Totally weird I know but I never said I was normal lmao. So two things I’m doing accepting my glitter bits and accepting my natural hair color and appreciating the natural beauty of my hair.

I know it won’t be easy this hair growth journey and leaving hair dye to others. Because I always get excited internally when I walk past the boxed dye isle at any store that sells it. But I really need to just accept my Color for what it is which is pretty fucking fabulous.

Over & Out

Hair Color Challenge


Never in a million years would I have thought about doing such a thing. But I’ve decided to challenge my self and grow out my natural color. A few things have made me want to try to grow out this blonde hair. Any who with having this kinda hair it’s a lot of upkeep. And I’d like to see what my natural color looks like even with the glitter high lights. I’m not sure how long I will go with not colouring it but id like to give it a fighting chance.

Also the frizziness is annoying and the upkeep of purple shampoo. And the dryness my hair sometimes feels. I’m still doing my coconut oil treatment once a week which is helping.

Also a little bit of a shocker but to really give my hair a fighting chance I’ve cut off all my blonde hair and will be rocking my brown wigs. Heck if I can grow my hair as long as I have then I can re grow all my hair back again it’s only hair right?. Hair grows and so my hair will grow back again.


Kidding just kidding are you insane lol I’ll just grow out the blonde and trim it every 5 months or so. Again we will see how long this lasts for and how long I’ll last before wanting to dye it lol. But hey its a challenge so yea I’ll keep you all posted of course.

Have you tried growing out colored hair and if so how did you manage it? Comment below.

Hair Color Review Belle Color by Garnier


If you’re wondering why this looks a little familiar it’s because I had done a small review on it when I dyed my Bellami clip ins. Well yesterday when I was at Walmart I picked up two boxes of this hair dye. Thinking I would need two but lucky for me I only needed one box. Dying my hair is nothing new I used to do it from home all the time. I have to say this hair dye is the bomb seriously!. I left mine on for almost 30mins because of those grey hairs I have but also so it would dye the other hairs as well.

Each box cost get this $4.96 so basically $10 bucks or so. A root touch up at my hair salon is $65 plus. The only thing that happens was getting some dye on my skin but whatever that goes away after a few days. I also have one old t-shirt that’s used for dying my hair. It’s funny because last week I was saying how I was gonna let my hair grow out but to be honest since going darker my eyes pop so much more. And I feel better about my appearance it’s funny how hair color can lift your mood.


Oh also now that my hair color is the same color as my clip ins if I clip them in now at least they will be seamless lol. And my hair is now the same color as my clip on pony piece. Oh and since I’m tanned now it looks even better I think. Picking the right hair color was a bit challenging because there are so many types. There’s spray on root touch up more like root makeup which I was not having. Then there is root touch up that’s supposed to conceal and till you go to the salon. And then there are all the different types of brands to choose from. The brand and box I went with was just a  fluke that I would buy it again. But this brand has always come through each and every time. When I went blonde in 2005 I used this brand of color and it lifted my hair perfectly fine. And now going dark brown it’s a real rich deep brown. Sometimes the higher price for hair dye is not always amazing.

image image image

And there you have it, I will have another review coming to you soon of a hair frizz oil I picked up as well and is on my hair in this photo. So look out for that.

Happy Home Coloring