What’s With Your Hair?


Halo Extensions Are A Game Changer

I would have to say Halo Extensions are super easy to put in 3 seconds roughly and it takes less than a second to remove them. Though they are not permanent they do stay in your hair all day long. They do take some getting used to though, I’ve been wearing mine since early this morning and it’s now 6:12pm.

I’ve gone out in the wind, went on a fast walk for about 25mins. Traveled on the bus, went shopping, came home. It does get some getting used to when the wind blows and you can sorta feel it moving around but it doesn’t come off. I guess the gravity of your hair over top of the extensions really secure it into place.

Honestly there is no damage to the hair at all unlike all the other methods. The wire you do have to get used to. But because it’s clear it vanishes within the rest of the hair on your head once brushed. Also it makes your hair even thicker. Whether you buy it from some of the sellers online or directly from China like I did. You will be pleased and glad you did. The video below is when I got them in last Friday.

Using Clip-in Extensions For Highlights

Remember that set of extensions I bought last year from that beauty supply store the Strawberry blonde set If not click here.

Anyways the other day I put a few pieces in my hair sure they don’t match my hair color at all but who says they have to if you use them as high lights or low lights for that matter.

Today I threw a few piece in my hair and then braided it. It looks pretty cool if I do say so my self. Has anyone tried this before and if not would you?. Why damage your hair with bleach and foil high lights when you can just use extensions.


And then when you get sick of having them all you do is un-clip and your good to go. Also the clips on this set are super strong and stay put. You could also get the same effect if you wear tape-ins put a different color in and your set.

What do you think?

Tape-in Extensions

My obsession with long hair continues though it won’t be through any sort of  permanent methods. My final realization was early this evening. Thankfully this time around I didn’t fork out a ton of money. I installed all 40 pieces of my tape-in extensions also had called a friend to help. Sadly that didn’t really work out and in the end I said fuck it and removed all 40 pieces.

Lets face it sometimes when you think 💭 an idea is gonna be so fabulous but then as your going through the steps and realize after looking in the mirror that your bio hair length is in fact getting quite long the natural growing way, one needs to snap out of it and relax some. The quest to long hair will always be on my mind but as far as trying to do any more semi permanent methods of extensions I’m calling it quits and closing that door for good.

Hair pieces are where it’s at. By the time the end of the year hits I’m sure my bio hair will be at the length I want it at. I just have to keep doing what I have been doing and all will happen when it happens.

And please don’t tell me told you so.

P.S. the tape-extensions will be added most likely to some hair pieces I already own. So I get my money’s worth out of them after all they just won’t be in my head.

On the bright side my hair is looking quite long.


What’s The Deal With Yo Hair Gurl?

I’m not sure if anyone has really taken much notice but I sure have and I want to know what’s the deal with hair extensions not being perfectly blended?. The last few times I’ve watched the Kardashions, Khloe’s hair you can see where her short hair is and her longer extensions are. Now before anyone bitchs me out for watching the show. Khloe is my favourite probably because she’s tall and I do think she’s mad pretty.

But I’ve also noticed it on GiGi Gorgeous in a few of her YouTube videos. I also love watching her channel as well. I think it’s more noticeable when it comes to those super long extensions because there’s less layers I’m guessing. So my question is does it really matter anymore if they are not perfectly blended?.

I’m assuming they are just Clip-ins and extensions the clip-in kind look best when the hair is curled if you don’t have layered extensions. Oh also I was on the bus this week and I was sitting higher up and noticed this girl she was very pretty perfect makeup but I could see a few of her tape in extensions way to high on her head. I thought who ever did them put them to high and like there was no hair covering them. So either she doesn’t care or maybe she’s not aware of that.

So again is it just me or is the new extension trend just not giving a fuck?. Any thoughts from anyone?. Or maybe I just notice it more because I know what to look for because I’m a hair wearing gal lol.

The Truth About Permanent Hair Extensions

So if you have been following my blog since last year and or if you’re a new follower to my blog, last year my hair extension quest started to wanting more permanent hair extensions. You see women on Instagram and YouTube and pretty much everywhere women with mermaid long hair.

Clip-in extensions I think only really blend well if you have dark hair but I find it’s harder to blend with lighter hair colors. And though I know my hair is growing at a rapid speed I just wanted to wake up with pretty long down to the boob hair.  Instant gratification.

Did I need to spend the money on such an expensive service NO! But the urge of having long hair was over powering. Now let me just make this clear I suffer from OCD. Things I can’t control bug the life out of me but I am getting better with some things.

Last Tuesday July 5th I made my way toward the salon that I googled as well facebooked I then called from the bus and made an appointment for a  consultation.

At first it was about Great Lengths then I thought about just getting the 11 piece clip-ins. I now wish I just went with the clip-ins but oh no Lana wanted the great lengths. Anyways the stylist and I spoke about great lengths they were cold fusion. I first paid a deposit and then finished paying after it was all said and done.

My hair was washed two times no conditioner. They then blow dry your hair and put zero heat protectant they then flat-iron your hair again no heat protectant. That bothered me but I get it I suppose.

He lightly trimmed my ends saying who ever did it last didn’t make it even and he layered the extensions with my hair. As well layered and thinned out my hair a little.

He then curled my hair with the extensions before sending me on my way.

He told me I couldn’t wash my hair for three days, to stay far away from my coconut oil hair treatments that I do and to not wash my hair for 72 hours so like come Saturday the 9th I could wash it.

I left the salon feeling fabulous and till I got home. The guilt took over and I couldn’t believe I just threw down all that money on hair that was to sit in my head for 3 – 6 months.

imageOnce I was home I wanted to take some snap shots of my super pretty hair.

After the fan blowing and all that fun stuff I then recurled the hair and it curled really easily.

That night though sleeping was extremely uncomfortable the bonds though for the most part were flat I couldn’t sleep all that great. Wednesday came and Wednesday left. Again that sleep was crappy again uncomfortable not only that but having these foreign objects in your head was totally annoying. At least with clip-ins you can remove them. Or a wig for that matter or hair piece you can take it off.

But nope not these they are there and till you go and get them taken out. Or do what I did. Thursday morning I woke annoyed, I took my shower and decided I would wet the extensions and remove the hair spray by washing just the extensions not my roots or the bonds.

I got out of the shower and noticed the pretty wave pattern. But upon air drying and my hair there was a major demarcation line between the end of my hair at the back and the extensions. I was like my hair looks like utter shit. It’s not blending at all and now I’m not even happy WTF.

I sent the salon a message in Facebook saying what happened. I said for the amount of money I spent they should look flawless and they don’t. They told me to call and ask for the stylist who did it and things would get fixed. But I was to embarrassed and didn’t want to be that Client!.

So I went looking on google as well YouTube and such in how to remove them. A lot of the info was that I needed some solution to break down the bonds but then I remember the stylist said to keep away from not just coconut oil but any oil I’m guessing because it breaks down the bonds. I did do a removal bond video on my channel one thing I didn’t mention is that it took me about an hour and a half to remove them also I had half a head of extensions and it was more for length the volume.

I used 100% coconut oil, pliers,two q-tips, hand held mirror and a shit ton of patience oh and in the video I’m watching tv.

Now I’m sure any other women out there might like hot or cold fusion extensions but if you are someone who is anal about foreign objects in their hair or have OCD about certain things permeant hair extensions may not be for you. Sadly this is a very expensive lesson to learn. I’ll stick to cheaper methods of getting long hair instantly by sporting hair pieces or full wigs.

The photos below are after I got those things out of my hair got it washed and then blow dried my hair and hot curl brushed it with heat protectant Thankyou very much lol. Oh no need for a hair trim any time soon thanks!.


Quad Weft Hair Extensions Part 1 & Part 2

imageSo I did it again and ordered a hair piece from Dhgate.com though this time the hair piece is high heat resistance  synthetic fibers. If you’re not sure what a quad weft is its like four or five wefts  of hair sewn together on a mesh base with a few clips attached. It’s like wearing a bunch of clip-ins at once but it’s one piece. I bought two of them because in total it came to $25 Canadian. And I can double them up if I wanted to or even separate them and create a few pieces. I bought the 613T Pink so the color 613 which is lightest blonde and the ends are pink very ombré effect.

I really had to go looking for this because there is a lot in a darker color with lighter at the bottom. And because I had bought the three other human hair bright pink pieces m sure I can blend everything and it look pretty amazing. The only down side from ordering from dhgate.com or Aliexpress.com is that it comes all from China because you are buying directly from the factory. So it takes about a month before you ever see the product so if your in a rush in wanting something forget it unless you don’t pick the free shipping option. Also on Dhgate.com they have an option if you don’t get your product they will then pay you $20 to $30 bucks. Which is a pretty good deal it’s called Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.( The Dispatch Pledge Guarantee applies to any product that is included as part of our Guarantee and includes the following conditions:

When the seller does not dispatch the goods within the agreed processing time, our system will automatically return payment to the buyer and also deduct US $20 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer; When the seller provides an invalid tracking number. In this case, upon notification from buyer, on his/her behalf, we will investigate the complaint. Once we have confirmed the tracking number to be invalid, our system will deduct US $30 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer; These rules do not apply to situations where the buyer has cancelled the order.

Dispatch Pledge (Special Condition)

If a customer places multiple orders for the same product to be shipped to the same address within a narrow timeframe (e.g. one month), these orders will be treated as one order if a seller violates our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.

In such an instance, compensation to the buyer will be as follows:

The seller does not dispatch the goods: $20
The seller provides an invalid tracking number: $30
So I really like this website for that. Also the seller does not get paid and till the item is in your hands.

I’m not sure if Aliexpress has the same type of thing. But I think it’s a good thing to have. Now when you’re looking for things on dhgate.com you do have to check mark box off the dispatch pledge box other wise not every seller will do it. Or follow their guidelines. So make sure you check off that box before really looking.

Even though the last two hair pieces I bought from dhgate.com were not all that great I’m hoping this piece will be better. The other non hair products I bought which were my Marilyn scarf and shower curtain were great pieces and still have both of them. Guess it really depends and heck it’s not the end of the world if it’s not all that amazing. Now you can buy things on there that is way more than $25bucks. And I can only really share that I have spent at most $20 on something. Not sure what the quality will be like on something more expensive hopefully much better. But because this piece is high heat resistance fiber I’m hoping I’m gonna fall in love with it. We shall see in a months time what I get in the mail.


Part 2. So the hair extensions came in the mail and I absolutely dislike them. Except the pink part love that but the blonde part is way to light. No Color match to my hair.maldo there was a smell to them which stunk. My plan is to get like a beanie hat and sew them into it to make hat hair. Or even get a cheapish  baseball hat and again do that make hat hair out of them. I’m not 100% sure if it’s heat resistance  even though that’s what the description says it is. Anywho not totally impressed with them but it’s not like I spent a lot on them so I’m not totally upset over it.

You just never know when your ordering online. Though the second thing I ordered did come in and I love it so I’m happy.