Halo Extensions Are A Game Changer

I would have to say Halo Extensions are super easy to put in 3 seconds roughly and it takes less than a second to remove them. Though they are not permanent they do stay in your hair all day long. They do take some getting used to though, I’ve been wearing mine since early this morning and it’s now 6:12pm.

I’ve gone out in the wind, went on a fast walk for about 25mins. Traveled on the bus, went shopping, came home. It does get some getting used to when the wind blows and you can sorta feel it moving around but it doesn’t come off. I guess the gravity of your hair over top of the extensions really secure it into place.

Honestly there is no damage to the hair at all unlike all the other methods. The wire you do have to get used to. But because it’s clear it vanishes within the rest of the hair on your head once brushed. Also it makes your hair even thicker. Whether you buy it from some of the sellers online or directly from China like I did. You will be pleased and glad you did. The video below is when I got them in last Friday.


OGX Coconut 🌴 Oil Hair Mist

Since I’ve accepted my wavy / curly hair type I’ve also  succumbed to product collecting lol. Well I think I found my holy grail hair product. This stuff is amazing!!. It leaves your hair soft, touchable, and natural looking and it smells amazing it has coconut oil and bamboo extract in it.

My full review below

Georgia By Noriko

Hey everyone, so it’s been about a minute or two since I’ve posted anything beauty related. I have a few more hair related videos up on my YouTube channel but I will include my newest love here. This style I plan to wear a lot once colder weather hits because anyone who’s ever worn a wig can say they are super hot in the summer months even short ones can be hot. I am strongly thinking of going back to brown hair to save the integrity of my hair. I just find my hair to be dry even if I do coconut oil treatments. And leaving blonde to wigs. Anyways enough about that and on to the video review.

P.S. There is a small Intro to the video and watch till the end for bloopers if you want. Sit back grab a drink and check out Georgia.

Quad Weft Hair Extensions Part 1 & Part 2

imageSo I did it again and ordered a hair piece from Dhgate.com though this time the hair piece is high heat resistance  synthetic fibers. If you’re not sure what a quad weft is its like four or five wefts  of hair sewn together on a mesh base with a few clips attached. It’s like wearing a bunch of clip-ins at once but it’s one piece. I bought two of them because in total it came to $25 Canadian. And I can double them up if I wanted to or even separate them and create a few pieces. I bought the 613T Pink so the color 613 which is lightest blonde and the ends are pink very ombré effect.

I really had to go looking for this because there is a lot in a darker color with lighter at the bottom. And because I had bought the three other human hair bright pink pieces m sure I can blend everything and it look pretty amazing. The only down side from ordering from dhgate.com or Aliexpress.com is that it comes all from China because you are buying directly from the factory. So it takes about a month before you ever see the product so if your in a rush in wanting something forget it unless you don’t pick the free shipping option. Also on Dhgate.com they have an option if you don’t get your product they will then pay you $20 to $30 bucks. Which is a pretty good deal it’s called Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.( The Dispatch Pledge Guarantee applies to any product that is included as part of our Guarantee and includes the following conditions:

When the seller does not dispatch the goods within the agreed processing time, our system will automatically return payment to the buyer and also deduct US $20 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer; When the seller provides an invalid tracking number. In this case, upon notification from buyer, on his/her behalf, we will investigate the complaint. Once we have confirmed the tracking number to be invalid, our system will deduct US $30 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer; These rules do not apply to situations where the buyer has cancelled the order.

Dispatch Pledge (Special Condition)

If a customer places multiple orders for the same product to be shipped to the same address within a narrow timeframe (e.g. one month), these orders will be treated as one order if a seller violates our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.

In such an instance, compensation to the buyer will be as follows:

The seller does not dispatch the goods: $20
The seller provides an invalid tracking number: $30
So I really like this website for that. Also the seller does not get paid and till the item is in your hands.

I’m not sure if Aliexpress has the same type of thing. But I think it’s a good thing to have. Now when you’re looking for things on dhgate.com you do have to check mark box off the dispatch pledge box other wise not every seller will do it. Or follow their guidelines. So make sure you check off that box before really looking.

Even though the last two hair pieces I bought from dhgate.com were not all that great I’m hoping this piece will be better. The other non hair products I bought which were my Marilyn scarf and shower curtain were great pieces and still have both of them. Guess it really depends and heck it’s not the end of the world if it’s not all that amazing. Now you can buy things on there that is way more than $25bucks. And I can only really share that I have spent at most $20 on something. Not sure what the quality will be like on something more expensive hopefully much better. But because this piece is high heat resistance fiber I’m hoping I’m gonna fall in love with it. We shall see in a months time what I get in the mail.


Part 2. So the hair extensions came in the mail and I absolutely dislike them. Except the pink part love that but the blonde part is way to light. No Color match to my hair.maldo there was a smell to them which stunk. My plan is to get like a beanie hat and sew them into it to make hat hair. Or even get a cheapish  baseball hat and again do that make hat hair out of them. I’m not 100% sure if it’s heat resistance  even though that’s what the description says it is. Anywho not totally impressed with them but it’s not like I spent a lot on them so I’m not totally upset over it.

You just never know when your ordering online. Though the second thing I ordered did come in and I love it so I’m happy.


My Frizzy Hair Is Getting A Coconut Mask

I washed my hair last night and used a S&C sampler I had got from Trade Secrets its AGs smooth and sleek. I did blow dry my hair after thinking it would get rid of my frizzy hair but no such luck. So I googled hair treatments and time and time again coconut oil is spoke about. I found this little gem of info that I put below about putting the coconut oil on the hair and leaving it for 20-30 mins or longer if the hair is damaged and then putting a shower cap on top. Well I’m using a plastic bag and a clip and I’m leaving it on my hair for 60 minutes and then will wash my hair and let it air dry. I’m really hoping it will make it healthier looking after.

To be honest I thought that after I went blonde my curls would still be around but since going blonde my hair for the most part is a big ball of frizz not so much a ball but a shit load of frizz. I’ve used my Redken anti-snap leave in treatment. I’ve used Olaplex the stupid $35 tiny ass bottle. And what slays me that shit is to protect the hair when colouring which I don’t see how because my hairs frizzy. And the salon that put the high lights in my hair had that in the mix.

If I don’t some what style my hair it’s a frizzy mess. So I figure this is my last resort. Do a coconut oil mask. And maybe do these a few times a week. Or once a week. Other wise I’ll just start wearing my rooted blonde May wig when I go out in public. My hair is about that length now. I’m hoping this mask will work and restore some of the life back into my hair. Crossing my fingers.

I found this great info here.

How to Use Coconut Oil as a Deep Conditioning Treatment

For a deep conditioning treatment, massage a couple of tablespoons of the coconut oil into your clean, damp hair and scalp (if your hair is thinner or gets greasy easily, you may choose to skip the scalp as the oil could weigh your hair down).

You may need more for long hair. Use more oil where your hair is the driest and most damaged (typically on the ends) and less where your hair is healthiest (mid-shaft and scalp area). I find that it’s best to section your hair off and apply the coconut oil in manageable sections to be sure that every hair is coated properly. If your coconut oil is in a solid state, you will need to warm the oil gently to create a liquid. Allow the oil to sit on your hair for 20-30 minutes after application. People with very dry or porous hair may choose to leave it on longer and some people like to use it as an overnight treatment. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, cover with a shower cap and wrap your hair in a hot towel (fresh from the dryer) or apply heat with a hair dryer for a few minutes. Because the oil is very heavy, you will need to shampoo the oil out of your hair well after the treatment.

Coconut oil can be a god-send to those with severely damaged, over processed, and heat styled hair. It will be important to experiment with the amount of coconut oil to use, and how long to allow the oil to penetrate your hair in a way that will work for your specific hair type. If the coconut oil leaves your hair feeling weighed down or greasy, try using less or shampooing more effectively post treatment.

What does everyone use on their damaged blonde locks? And have you used a coconut oil mask and if so how did it work for you. Please my readers share your experiences much thanks.

Color Oops Review & Demo / Use At Own Risk

image image image

I was looking online to see if there was anything that could remove my dark hair color. I’d like to go back to my natural color without paying the salon a crazy amount of money. So they could strip it and what not. Honestly I’m sick of having the really dark hair it’s doing nothing for my thinning and so I thought I’d look online for something hen found Color Oops. I also watched a ton of video reviews on YouTube and everyone seems to have great success with this product. And hey if it does not work out there is always my lovely wigs I can rock if it turns out badly. You can pick this stuff up at your drug store. I bought the last extra strength box from mine.

Here is a photo of my hair before


Here is my hair after


I’m loving how my hair looks. It says to shampoo and rinse for 15 to 20 minutes then shampoo again and rinse for 5 minutes and then condition. I shampooed about 4 times. I won’t lie to you after the first ten minutes of rinsing you get cramped from being over the tub. And because you have to time everything, it gets annoying. I used my Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner. Because of having to shampoo and rinse, your hair feels dry after so please use a good  moisturizing conditioner and I also used Redkin anti-snap leave in treatment. Also for my full review and demo see the video below.

About Color Oops

All info taken from Here

Color Oops Hair Color Remover

Color Oops is a revolutionary hair product that removes hair color to restore hair to its natural color. This is a miracle product because not only can it remove unwanted color, but it won’t damage your hair! What is so unique about

Color Oops is a special ingredient known as hydrosulfite. Hydrosulfite rapidly reduces the dye molecule without the need for bleach, ammonia, or peroxide. That old hair color simply rinses right out! You can even dye your hair that same day.

What is Color Oops?
A gentle color remover that actually reverses the hair coloring process.

How does Color Oops work?

Color Oops reverses the oxidation process of hair color pigment. When hair color is applied, small clear dye intermediates are deposited in hair. During the coloring process hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the dye intermediates into large colorful pigments that are too big to be washed from hair. Color Oops reverses that process. When applied, Color Oops shrinks the color pigment back to small clear dye intermediates. These intermediates are still in the hair. The rinsing and shampoo process is essential in assuring these intermediates are thoroughly washed from hair. We recommend washing and rinsing for 5 minutes 3-4 times, but the longer you rinse the better. If any of the dye intermediates are left in the hair they can re-oxidize over time and your hair can re-darken.

When coloring hair, artificial color is being deposited in your hair. At the same time hydrogen peroxide, which mixes with your hair color, can lighten the natural pigment of your hair. Even though you may be coloring darker, your natural pigment may be altered. Usually naturally brown or black hair when altered turns to an orange or brassy color. If your natural color is altered during the coloring process, when Color Oops is applied and the artificial pigment is removed, what is left of your natural color will be exposed. If your natural hair color has been altered, you will see a brassy or warm color. In this case, you can re-color to your desired color. If your natural color was not altered during the coloring process your hair will be returned to its natural color.

If you colored your hair to a lighter color, Color Oops will NOT return your hair to its natural color. Color Oops will remove the artificial pigment you deposited in your hair, but it will not be able to replace the natural pigment you removed by coloring your hair lighter. To return to your natural color it will be necessary to replace your natural pigment. This can be achieved by re-coloring your hair with a color close to your natural color.

If you have naturally dark hair and you colored your hair to a light color and then re-colored to a dark color and then used Color Oops, your hair will be returned to the light color, not your dark natural color.

When is Color Oops used?

When a color has been applied and the results are too dark, or off tone; not when hair has been lightened.

Why is Color Oops used?

To correct or reverse an undesirable recent color application.

Where is Color Oops Applied?

To hair in areas that the previously applied hair color is too dark, or off tone.

Hope everyone has enjoyed this post.

Over & Out

Batiste Dry Shampoo


Last time I was at the drug store I wanted to pick up some more baby powder because it’s cheap and to use it as a dry shampoo and it works just as good as dry shampoo does to soak up oil on your head, but while I was there I thought I’d try out Batiste Dry Shampoo the one I got was Blush Floral & Flirty. I’ve used it about two times the first time in the morning.

But a few days ago I read to use dry shampoo in the evening right before you go to bed. Because throughout the night it soaks up all the oil leaving your hair full and gorgeous. So I tried that last night and woke this morning with full hair. The photo I’m posting with this I took after walking my dog this morning. Still very full and clean and it’s my new favourite dry shampoo.


I really see a huge difference now that my hair is much longer with using dry shampoo. In fact I only wash my hair now once a week. Other wise I just find it drys out and feels disgustingly dried out. It’s funny you think washing your hair everyday is good but really your striping the natural oils from your hair. And I also read if you feel you need to wash your hair you can get away with getting it wet as in run water through it but don’t use shampoo just let the water go through then towel dry your hair.

If I did not use dry shampoo this morning my hair would not look so cute and I’d probably wear it in a pony. Wednesday I will wash it and then not and till Sunday. I find my hair likes me better when I wash it once a week. Any who I love the smell of this dry shampoo and I think it works well.

Also fun tip: Dry shampoo will remove the shine from a synthetic wig.

Leave your thoughts below have you used this product? And if so how did you like it?

Over & Out

Kinky Girls With Wild Curls Exotic Oil Treatment (NEW!)


Click photo to enlarge

So yesterday while I was at good old Walmart I saw this. I find my AG curl Activator is good but also a little heavy and it makes my hair a little crunchy. But this was a good price and it looks to be like a good product I thought and will take a chance and pick it up and see how I like it.

Product info:

For extra dry, coarse, frizzy curls. This rich yet lightweight oil defines curls, smoothes frizz and blocks humidity. Shea Butter, Coconut, Argan and Avocado Oils add moisture, softness and shine to extra coarse, dehydrated curls. It keeps curls supple and hydrated to reduce breakage while mending dry, split ends. Doesn’t weigh hair down. Damage and color protection.

How to Use
Apply 2 – 4 drops evenly to damp or dry hair and style. Do not rinse. Use daily.

I have to say I LOVE IT. The photos I posted from my hair color review I’ve got this in my hair but I’ll post a photo in this post as well. I took the photos this morning. I applied 4 drops to my hands and ran them through my hair. It also has a great smell and my hair is soft which I like its shiny but not greasy feeling or looking. I’m happy I bought it. It’s great that when you pump it it’s not like a crazy amount that comes out. It’s nice and thin and compact. I also just ran my hands in some water to get some of my curl to pop up. Bam  it’s just lovely.


Have you ever used a hair oil like this? And if so how did you like it ?