Dear Early Teens You

Please forgive your self.

The future you, the You who is writing to the younger you wants to let you know that your body image dreams do come true. The person you so wanted to become does in fact become a reality. It was not an easy road if anything it was a very hard road with a lot of bumps and curves and bends but it’s brought fun amazing crazy wild moments with it as well.

Id also like to say that where you went the path you went down the mistakes you made, also made you the person who survived the person who took control of where your path went. Even though you made mistakes and even though you had some unfortunate events. You made it out as a stronger individual. You are so much more than you even realize.

You had a hard time sometimes you brought things on your self and other times it was just how the cards were laid out before you. But you made it out onto the other side and became a stronger person.

You are loved

I Love ❤️ You!!!!


Self Acceptence

This is more in relation to being trans and being happy with the body that I have right now. I hate surgery and the down time that goes with it. At times such as recently I would like different body parts down below but know that in my case things would be just to risky. And the out comes are not always perfect.

Recently there was a great inspirational post on Facebook. That I really needed to see.


I’ve always had problems with my gender who I was as a person and so forth. To be honest just by looking at me you would think I had everything together but to this very day I still struggle with who I am and who I want to become. Living in a body you were not assigned at birth and have the brain as the opposite gender is tough. This road of living as a transgender person is not an easy one at all.

As it stands and on paper I’m female, I’ve had two succesful surgeries, I have an amazing wonderful boyfriend, good friends and an amazing family support network. So why do I still struggle with my gender you think If I only knew. Heck I know people who have had gender reassignment surgery and they still have gender dysphoria.

I guess it’s just one of those things. At the end of the day it’s about having self acceptence and know not everything is perfect. We are all on this earth for a reason of some sort this I’m still trying to figure out. Though at times I wish I could just wake up tomorrow and be one with my body and who knows maybe some day I will do just that. But at this very moment I still have my confused days of wanting more genital surgery.

And I may always have these thoughts I don’t know when they will stop if ever. But I do know I need to just accept things as they are and be truly happy with my body. It’s all about self acceptance right. Accepting your self for who and what you are. There really is no right or wrong answer. Just love your self for who you are which is human.

Over & Out