Lightning Digital AV Adapter by Apple



I just ordered this and it came in today. Because I only plan on having internet instead of TV at the moment I wanted to be able to watch Netflix and YouTube on my tv from my iPad I needed to get this adapter. It’s super easy, you just plug it into your iPad and connect your HDMI cable into the port and bingo your all set. It mirrors what’s on the iPad and I have sound that comes from the TV. The only down side of it is the cost. I bought it directly from Apple for $59.00 with tax it came to $66.67 shipping was free and I ordered it on the 23rd and it came in today the 25th.

This is going to be used a lot since I can now watch to my heart’s content all the Netflix I want. And there are many things I plan on watching now that I don’t have to worry about my laptop from freezing. Like finally watch Gossip Girl. And Orange Is The New Black and many other TV shows and movies. Thank god for technology and smart people making smart products.

Happy Apple Shopping.

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