My New Sofa

So the image above is not mine however the idea is exactly what I envisioned a few years ago on my blog. I managed to find that one person did exactly that on Pinterest.

Next Saturday my father and I are going to pick up the IKEA Kivik Chaise in the color Orrsta light grey. My plan then is to then go to Home Sense at some point and pick up a few more throw pillows as the photo from Pinterest and make it more cozy.

Then I’ll be able to use the chaise as a sofa and if I needed an extra spot for a friend to crash a bed. I love the light grey colour and I’m totally excited about getting this new piece. Also, the seat has a layer of memory foam so that will make it extremely comfy.

Something kind of interesting though is if you order from IKEA online they will charge you a $20 service fee just to go and pick it up. How crazy is that?

So next Saturday we will just go and buy it on the spot and by passing the whole store to the warehouse.

I’m totally stoked!

Can’t wait.


Hello Ikea

So I’m dealing with a cold at the moment but over the weekend my parents invited me to go to Ikea with them. So I said sure. I picked up a new coffee table though you can use it as a coffee table or side table. Gotta love Ikea because you can use pretty much anything from that store as whatever you want to.

My bestfriend has a table on casters which I was drawn too. And so when I saw these ones I was hooked. I love how it’s open and airy as well on wheels. So you can move it around. It’s also white so I like that and it doesn’t take up much room. I got the smaller one because there is another size that is more rectangle. The one above is about $49 the larger one is $79. And it was a snap to put together took less then five minutes.

I feel like I now have a real coffee table. It’s cute, it’s easy to move around, it’s airy and it’s roomy.

Thanks Ikea

Basic Phone Bitch LOL

So I had a slight home phone tragedy the pink sparkly novelty lip Phone that I was using as my land line, I had been using it as a burlesque prop. Well when I was in Carleton Place and had rested it on a banister it had fallen off and when I picked it up there is a piece in the handheld part that now moves around in it.

The beginning of August I had reorder it from Amazon from the same seller. I paid for express shipping and it was to arrive the 1st of the month. I waited and waited and waited till finally I emailed them and asked to either send me a tracking code or refund my money. Two days later the money is back in my account and that’s that.

I went on to the ad and it now says no longer available and not sure if it will be again. Why on earth would you try to sell something if in fact you don’t really have it. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

Anyways I had found a cheese hamburger novelty phone on Amazon I looks just like the one from the movie Juno. But it really wouldn’t go with any of my things. So I went super basic and got a cordless land line phone from Walmart for a decent price. It’s got a bunch of decent features and a phone book that can store 30 contacts.

I put my parents and emergency lol

It’s mainly for my buzzer and maybe ordering food.

Honestly I was hesitant on buying it but I need a phone for this landline that I’m paying for so it’s fine I suppose.

It’s also basic bitch black lol. I may add some sparkle to it at some point but who knows lol.


Hello Area Rug

imageI’ve been wanting a new area rug for a while now. The one I had was super old had it for years though I loved the design it’s never been cleaned overly and it just didn’t suit me any longer nor did the colors really fit with the other colors I have going on but the deep red. Also Diva has laid on it and because of her tinkling issue it was time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. If you get what I’m saying lmao.

I was on The Home Depot website where I found this gem they have it for $44.00 info taken from their site

Assorted Bound Area Rug 5 Feet x 7 Feet Area Rug
This residential area rug is versatile and ideal for medium to high traffic areas. Available in an assortment of colours and designs making it simple to find the one for your space. Machine made with durable synthetic fibres, this rug is treated for stain protection for easy maintenance.

  • Treated for stain protection
  • Durable bound finishing
  • Made of synthetic fibres for easy maintenance

I was thinking of getting a light cream Color because I’m tired of dark coloured rugs butimage then saw this like light turquoise Color I’m not to sure what to call it but it’s super pretty. It ties all my other light turquoise coloured pieces in very nicely. Also the price was perfect. Since selling my black suede boots to a friend on the weekend I used some of that money to buy my new area rug. So it’s money well spent I think. Diva approves of the new rug too as seen here.

I love home decor.

Using A Chaise Lounge As Your Sofa

image image


So I’m trying to come up with ideas for my next piece of living room furniture. My current love-seat is losing its firmness and it’s not meant for sleeping on if I have a friend crash. So I’m thinking of something that can double as a guest spot for when I have a friend who needs to crash. My thoughts keep coming back to a chaise lounge. My mother thought maybe a day bed set up as a sofa but there to big for my space so here is my idea.

There are many stores that sell these so first pick a style that is not curved. Next place it up next to the wall you want to use it but instead of it sticking out put the one side up next to the wall and then go out and get a ton of different fun throw pillows put up where you would rest your back on or whatever and the wall it’s up next too and bam you have a sofa that can also be used as a guest sleeper. It’s small enough if you don’t have a ton of space and most people would not know the difference.

Both of those models are from Ikea and you can go here for the leather one it retails for $750.00 and the other one you can get here and it costs $350.00. I think as a single gal or guy for that matter this would be a great option. The few sleeper sofas I’ve seen are either ugly to firm or so uncomfortable. But I like my idea of using this pushed up to a wall and then filled with fun throw pillows. That way you can use it as a sofa. Remove the throw pillows if you have a guest crash and it’s a sleeper. And then if you want use it as the chaise lounge. So really it has three ways to use it then just the one. And I know many of them are super comfy. So you get your money’s worth and you get style all at the same time.

You’re Welcome

Over & Out


Re Covering an Ottoman

So I have this Ottoman and the fabric on it is not me by any means. I borrored my dads staple gun and today I went to Fabricland and bought some fabric. Its vinyl so like fake leather. Its sorta pearl sparkly in the sun its very me LOL. I ended up buying more than I needed it turned out but thats fine because I can always use the fabric for something else im sure. It took a while to remove most of the old staples tho some I could not remove. And the base part was screwed on so that was easy to unscrew.

The Ottoman before.


Here I am using a staple remover.


Now of course for the finished look. Miss Diva hated the staple gun and ran out of the room and went to my room and whimpered she was not impressed by any means. But once it was done she came to check it out.

Here is the fabric up close.


Here it is in day light

image image

It sparkles in sunlight


Over & Out

My Last Post From Living At My Folks

So I just wanted to write this before going to bed tonight. Besides a few things I’m moving over in the morning 99.9% of me is moved over except the most important things like my laptop and filing papers and makeup lol and a few odd sods. I’ve washed all of my bedding that was in my bed so that is all fresh and clean. Tomorrow I’m picking up another set of sheets and a few new sleeping pillows. Also BouClair has a piece of art work I would like to pick up for my little hallway.

It’s $26.99 and its a set of two see photo below, they are canvas.



This would look super cute and go with the rest of my girly shoe obsession that I think I have, anything to do with shoes. I have a wine bottle holder heck I even have a shoe chair in the shape of a red pump. Any who I really hope to pick this up tomorrow. My mom and I are going to get a few things and do a grocery run then drop it all off at the new apartment and then come back to their house and pick up Miss Diva. I’m excited to see how she reacts to the new apartment. I know she has been a little stressed out with all of the moving and me leaving for a few hours at a time and moving the othe pet bed and things out and not coming back with it. But boy when she gets there and sees everything and her new dog bed and toy box filled with brand new toys and one oldish toy I think she will be surprised for sure.

The nice thing is and I know I said this in my other post is that she will be able to get used to it for a short period and then will hopefully settle In once we get dropped off tomorrow evening. I know since I’ve been home today (at the rents) after the move she has been following me around. Also I wanted to say I took her and Sophie out for a long walk today which they enjoyed since it was so nice out.

Any who I’m beat so im gonna go to bed now look out for some after photos tomorrow

Over & Out

Shark Rocket Vac Model HV300C



I just bought my new vacuum from Walmart. When looking for it from the Canadian website its not showing but I was able to find it on the U.S. site so you’re welcome click Here for yours. Mine is blue but there are a few models out there with I guess different attachments. Mine retails for $179, I got mine on sale for $159 and an extra one year warranty for $20 bucks. But it has a 5 year manufactory warranty.

I like it because its like the Dyson one but it has a cord which I like. And because my apartment is small and I have a few area rugs this will be perfect. I did test it out just because I was that excited about it haha and this thing has power and suction wow.

It also comes with a few attachments for pet hair and other things. It’s easy to use and idiot proof. Like really its simple to put together and easy to use. I also like how it has the two different switches to go from carpets to bare floors.

It’s also very light weight which is nice. It also says it cleans better than a Dyson. I did not vacuum the whole house but what little I did on my area rug it sure sucked up a lot of stuff. I like it because it reminds me of a Dyson but costs way less. But for something so easy to use and can convert to do different things then just do floors I like. So this is my review I rate it a full 5 our of 5 stars and the different websites out there also rate it pretty high so that’s got to be a good sign.

Shop Till You Drop is Under Rated

Today my mother and I went out to do some shopping mainly for my new apartment. The statement above is so true I’m exhausted from shopping. We left the house in the morning around say 10:30am and got home around 4pm with a stop for lunch.

I bought a ton of stuff today and I’m still not done though we did pick up smaller items then bigger. I managed to get the perfect size and color mirror for my front hall. Its silver framed with the main mirror in the middle and then small mirror around the edges. See photo below.


You can sorta see the color of my love seat in it as well my area rug. I also found the perfect 3 photo frame for my apartment which is perfect I plan to have a photo of my family in the top one, a photo of my boyfriend and I in the middle and then a photo of Miss Diva on the bottom. See photo below.



I also picked up these great fabric baskets one for Divas dog toys and the other for my front hall closet to put winter hats and things into on the top shelf. They are really nice tho I did not take photo’s of them just yet. I also got more kitchen things. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take some snap shots of the other things I picked up. I also got a purple pot. Some seat cushions and a crap load of other things lol.

I also went to the Dollar store and picked up a bunch of things like a mini sewing kit. Which will come in handy. Oh and yesterday I bought a small 180 piece first aids kit. For those small emergencies. Any who I’m beat tired so I’ll come back in the following days and update with more photo’s of things.

Over & Out