Shark Rocket Vac Model HV300C



I just bought my new vacuum from Walmart. When looking for it from the Canadian website its not showing but I was able to find it on the U.S. site so you’re welcome click Here for yours. Mine is blue but there are a few models out there with I guess different attachments. Mine retails for $179, I got mine on sale for $159 and an extra one year warranty for $20 bucks. But it has a 5 year manufactory warranty.

I like it because its like the Dyson one but it has a cord which I like. And because my apartment is small and I have a few area rugs this will be perfect. I did test it out just because I was that excited about it haha and this thing has power and suction wow.

It also comes with a few attachments for pet hair and other things. It’s easy to use and idiot proof. Like really its simple to put together and easy to use. I also like how it has the two different switches to go from carpets to bare floors.

It’s also very light weight which is nice. It also says it cleans better than a Dyson. I did not vacuum the whole house but what little I did on my area rug it sure sucked up a lot of stuff. I like it because it reminds me of a Dyson but costs way less. But for something so easy to use and can convert to do different things then just do floors I like. So this is my review I rate it a full 5 our of 5 stars and the different websites out there also rate it pretty high so that’s got to be a good sign.