The latest life update

Hey everyone, so a life update a few weeks ago I had written a post about feeling unsafe and a situation that had happened to me in the elevator. Well since then I have had a few hung ups on my landline as well someone knocking on my door to then have my dog bark and them leaving, I think they thought my unit was someone else’s but either way it’s annoying. But since then nothing has happened and it’s been quite thankfully.

I did end up seeing my therapist and explained to him what I hope to have happen. I saw him a second time which he did write out a letter for me saying why I need to move. I also saw my family doctor and was able to pick up a letter from him on Sunday. So now I have two letters stating that I need to move and then the ball will be more in motion. From there the worker will send those letters off to which I will then sit in front of a board and hopefully be approved to move down town. Also I made a photo copy of these letters for my own files.

I’m crossing my fingers I have no more issues while I’m still in this building. The 18th of this month my land line will be canceled. So no more hang ups which I’ll be happy for. Great thing about cell phones there not made public unless you give it out.

On to other news it was brought to my attention that there is a stocker type person making videos and basically hating on bloggers and YouTube personalities and I’m in one of these stupid videos. I was going to make a video about this but decided not to because there will always be haters out there on the net. When you put your self out there whether it be blogging or vlogging such as YouTube there will always be someone who’s got nothing else better to do then splur negativity. Any who I’ve reported these videos and hopefully they will stop but if not then whatever they are damaged idiots. Hate all you want I don’t give a flying fuck.

On to some cool news though my boyfriend met my parents on Sunday that went over really well. He likes them as they also like him. They said he was a nice guy and talkative. Also last week when I was at the doctors I weighted in at 148.8 but then when I was at my parents I came in at 151.4. By no means am I trying to lose weight, my doctor did say stress can cause weight loss. So now I’m trying to not stress out I know easier said then done but I feel good and even did some meditation. Will also most likely start my yoga again since that’s a stress reliever.

Um I’ve had to wear my TTM cap twice its a bamboo cotton cap that I wear when I’m having a hard time with my hair. I put it on and then am not tempted to pull. On the down side I pulled three hairs last week but since then have not had to wear it and am doing well. I think it’s good that I have learned there are ways to if not over come can help change my behaviour when I have an urge to pull.

As for my summer I wish I did more fun activities but I have not. I have yet to go to the beach or a water park but hopefully that will change before the summer ends. And hopefully I’ll do more with friends this summer then what I have been currently doing which is chilling at my place that’s nice and all but I’m getting rather bored of doing the same thing. So we shall see. Also Ottawas Gay Pride is coming up my plan is to at least go watch the parade but who to go with no idea yet.

So that is the latest life update.

Hope all is well and talk soon

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Apartment life

So I have not had any other bad situations happen to me thus far since the last  time which I am thankful for. Though I am still going to go through with the transfer and hopefully things will workout with all of that. This week is going to be super warm. Last night was pretty warm to sleep but I had my huge fan in the livingroom going and the one in my bedroom so it kept the air moving and I slept great.

Saturday Diva went to the vet to get updated shots. It was a combo deal if you brought three dogs so my parents picked us up and we brought all three dogs. My parents two and mine. I also brought up divas fur loss and this vet recommended some kind of medication that helps humans sleep. But for some reason helps dogs grow their fur back its called Melatonin. But a low dose of it. So I plan to pick some of that up and try that out its worth a shot.

Diva was not feeling well yesterday and skipped out on eating her food but this morning I had to wake early and when we got back from our morning walk she ate a little food so that’s good. My garden is doing well and I had my first flower of the wild flowers I planted bloom.

And yes those are carrot tops you see, some how they are growing in with the wild flowers lol. But whatever my plants are growing and that’s all that matters to me. I have to do some weeding this week because grass is growing and what not but other wise I’m happy with what’s there. Also last week I was given a certificate of recognition for dedication and excellence in the community garden which I thought was pretty cool.

I hung out with my friend Dawn Saturday evening she stayed for dinner and enjoyed my cooking. Was nice to just shoot the shit and hang out. And that’s pretty much it. Oh also I’ve decided to start wearing my wigs and so it’s cool because it’s not that hot to wear like I thought it might be. I think it also helps that I’m no longer dealing with major hot flashes as I once was. And it’s cool to have perfect blonde hair but at night before bed or whatever I remove my hair and I’ve got a full head of dark hair underneath lol. And to keep the wig from slipping on my forehead I use super tape for wigs.

It also helps wearing a wig too because the days you don’t wash your hair nobody can tell because your wig is hiding your hair lol. I’ve decided to stay blonde and till the summer ends lol. Then when summer ends go back to my natural hair or darker coloured wigs lol. So yeah.

That’s the latest of Apartment life

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My Last Post From Living At My Folks

So I just wanted to write this before going to bed tonight. Besides a few things I’m moving over in the morning 99.9% of me is moved over except the most important things like my laptop and filing papers and makeup lol and a few odd sods. I’ve washed all of my bedding that was in my bed so that is all fresh and clean. Tomorrow I’m picking up another set of sheets and a few new sleeping pillows. Also BouClair has a piece of art work I would like to pick up for my little hallway.

It’s $26.99 and its a set of two see photo below, they are canvas.



This would look super cute and go with the rest of my girly shoe obsession that I think I have, anything to do with shoes. I have a wine bottle holder heck I even have a shoe chair in the shape of a red pump. Any who I really hope to pick this up tomorrow. My mom and I are going to get a few things and do a grocery run then drop it all off at the new apartment and then come back to their house and pick up Miss Diva. I’m excited to see how she reacts to the new apartment. I know she has been a little stressed out with all of the moving and me leaving for a few hours at a time and moving the othe pet bed and things out and not coming back with it. But boy when she gets there and sees everything and her new dog bed and toy box filled with brand new toys and one oldish toy I think she will be surprised for sure.

The nice thing is and I know I said this in my other post is that she will be able to get used to it for a short period and then will hopefully settle In once we get dropped off tomorrow evening. I know since I’ve been home today (at the rents) after the move she has been following me around. Also I wanted to say I took her and Sophie out for a long walk today which they enjoyed since it was so nice out.

Any who I’m beat so im gonna go to bed now look out for some after photos tomorrow

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All Moved

So today was moving day tho at the moment I’m at my parents because I’m sleeping here one last night and to take advantage of their washer an dryer. I’m washing all of my bedding then tomorrow I need to bring it all over to the new place as well pack up my laptop and little things. Also have to finish getting groceries and bring Diva over to the new pad. Then from there we will hang out for a few hours before my brother picks us up to go back to my folks for Sunday dinner. And then he will drop me off with Diva and we will spend our first night there.

Moving on to how the move went it went smoothly and quickly Thankfully. The maintenance guy was a little late but I was lucky and by the time he did show up my brother and Marc had already moved my red love seat up to the apartment so when the guy showed up for the elevator there was only my bed and my dresser , night stand tables and my octagon table.

I brought my high heel chair up and Marc got my tv up and after all that my parents went out and grabbed lunch for us. From there we hung a few things up and got the  livingroom curtains up. All that is left tomorrow is to hang a few more things up and that’s pretty much it.

I also met a few more people who live In the building and they were very nice. I’m still sorta of blown away that I finally have my own place it’s very surreal but I’m excited for this new chapter to start.

Photos coming tomorrow I promise.

Over & Out

A Clear Mind



A lot of things have been happening lately and with this move I feel like I have a clear mind for once. Even though the packing and shopping and such has been draining. Now that I’m 98% moved and will be 100% come Saturday I feel a calmness which is totally strange but great at the same time.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that my relationship is more of a friendship. We are great as friends and we gave it another go around but I’m not feeling it. And my hearts just not into it. And I’m totally okay. He came over tonight and we talked about it and he’s fine with my decision.

The only thing that is changing is well not a whole lot to be honest with you. That being said he’s still helping me move Saturday which is great. We’re still going to hang out and go to the movies and all of that but as far as anything else it’s just not there.

My mind is clear and calm and I’m relaxed.

Over & Out

98% Done



So I am about 98% done at this point of moving my things over to the new pad. This morning my father and I headed over with all of my pictures two of my mirrors. A few other things and my area rug as well a floating shelf.

We hung my bedroom curtain rod and I put two curtains onto it. I have about 4 panels for the bedroom and brought two over so there is some form of a window covering. We hung the big mirror in my bedroom.

We hung the hall mirror and my dad installed the chain lock on my front door. He fixed the one kitchen shelf that needed fixing. I put away some bathroom things that I packed up last night and brought over today to unload. But because my dad is still suffering from the after effects from shingles he’s still in a lot of pain so that is all we were able to do today which in my opinion was a lot.

The only thing that has to be moved over now are a few things and I have a few pictures that need to be hung, a few odd things from my bedroom like decorative boxes that have things in them. My iPod player / radio. A few bath products and my clothing and furniture. I’m getting together with a friend of mine tomorrow and she’s letting me bring a few things over to the apartment so I will most likely move my clothing over everything I’m not wearing.

My bedroom is looking a little naked haha it’s very bare.

Click photo lol



It’s strange to be in a room that is so very bare. But I’m not nervous anymore about moving if anything I’m thrilled because my apartment is looking more like a home and less like an empty space. And I love my kitchen yaya I know I keep saying that but you all wont have to wait to much longer to see it.

I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow when I’m over there and show all of you. Moving is almost done ya hoo.

Over & Out

Feeling Great



So yesterday was a great day. I headed to the apartment to do some work such as washing my new dishes and putting them away, reorganizing my pantry, unboxed my microwave. Funny story about that so I take it out of the box and remove the plastic bag and noticed its like a light turquoise I thought omg this is awesome because of all the other colorful things I have this will be great and the front is steel how sharp.

I’m reading the manual about how to work it and such and then decide to call my parents and tell them about it. I share with them the color and my dad laughed and said that is very cool. Then we hang up and I go about doing the rest of my work.

Then my cell rings and my dad tells me ya you know the color your loving well it’s not really the color of the microwave its plastic and you have to remove it. My father told my mother about the color and she started to laugh and say its plastic call her back to tell her to remove it.

Lord what a let down sorta, here I thought oh cool a fun coloured appliance but nope just protective plastic. Ah well you win some you lose some though after I removed the plastic it looks very sharp so it’s all good.

Also my boyfriend came to meet me at my apartment and we put together this lamp from Walmart that I had bought with my mom. Let me just say sometimes you get what you pay for. The lamp shade sucks and was easy to put together but don’t touch it or it may come undone lol. Also it wabbles a little and the legs don’t look all that straight. It’s a two in one lamp so it’s a table and lamp in one.

See photo


This lamp cost about $52.69 it has on top and bottom round glass inserts which is totally fine and looks nice. I bought it because of the two in one combo. But putting it together was not as fun as I would have hoped though I am proud of my self for putting it together with some extra help thanks to my boyfriend. The shade came folded in the box with the lamp. It came with two different sized round white metal wires the small one at the top and the bigger one on the bottom. It had these 3 metal hook thing’s that you put the top and bottom in to and bam it’s supposed to stay. Key word here people I ended up using a plier tool to clamp it shut.

Though as my parents informed me I can just go out and get a better made shade for it at like Home Sense or something. And the legs on this lamp look crooked a little which bugs me but whatever we put it together the way the instructions said, even though the first part my bf said it went one way even though he was wrong I said okay let’s do it your way. But I knew the little rubber things for the glass went the opposite way. So we do it his way which was wrong then I said nope let’s do it my way and I was right. It took longer to put the stupid thing together then it should have but in the end we got it done and its standing lmao.

I also had eaten my first meal at the apartment which was very cool. I had bought a microwave dinner and my bf had brought food with him when he came over. There was a meeting at 6:30pm to talk about the repairs they are doing with everyone’s balcony such as how long it will take between what time of day and so forth. So I am not looking forward to that but they are not starting in the front of the building which is where I am at yet they will do the back first and go from there.

Also yesterday I met one of my neighbours. I had said hello a few days ago to him but he just looked at me. But yesterday I found out his name and we got a little talkative so that was alright. I would have thought more people would have been at the presentation for the repairs but that was not the case. I got to see some of the people who live in my building. It’s a mix that is for sure. But its all good.

Today I’m dropping off some more bins filled with my stuff. Which I will put away and what not and then tomorrow my father and I will go over in the morning with a few things not so much as containers but my area rug and a few photos and mirrors and that sort of thing. Also going to hang some curtains. Then in the afternoon we will come back pick up my dog and bring her over so she can get a good look around and smell and that sort of thing.

Then Friday I’m bringing one of my friends over and will most likely bring a few small things over. And then come Saturday will be the big move of furniture pieces. Then after I will come back to my parents stay the night and then go home to the new place Sunday and have my first night in my new place, I don’t want it to be such a shock for Diva come Sunday when we don’t leave. That is why tomorrow she will go over for a short visit when the majority of my stuff is over there. And she can check the new place out.

Then on Monday my internet and cable service people are coming by to set that all up for me and my land line and that will take almost all day 4 to 5 hours they say so that should be good fun NOT! LOL. I’m becoming more excited and less stressed out. But I still hate moving and the next time I move will be into a body bag that is how much I hate moving.

Any who that is all for now as far as that goes. Photo’s are coming so very very soon so keep an eye out for those.

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Shop Till You Drop

I’m sick of shopping, in fact I kind of hate it because I have done so much if it. Sure I need everything that either I have been buying or my folks have been buying for me as I go with them but at this point it’s like if I have to hear about it then I’m kind of dreading it.

The funny thing is it’s all related to things I need for my new place. And a lot of it is small things with a few larger pieces. I’m extremely thankful and am very blessed to have such amazing parents. And extremely lucky to have them to help me out because I know not everyone has parents such as mine. So for that I am very grateful.

Today was another shopping day, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up curtains and such, then off to Winners and then went to Walmart. And this afternoon we are headed to a furniture store so I can see about getting a new love seat sleeper or apartment size sofa, Then I’m done I hope.

That being said I’ll be so happy to be moved in and the only shopping will be for food and nothing else. But boy let me tell you I’m going to have one bitching amazing fabulous gorgeous place and I am so excited for all of you too see the after.

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85% Done

With plastic bins that is. This morning I loaded up my parents car we also put the dollie in it and brought it over to the apartment. We brought over around 4 or 5 bins. Then left my dad at the apartment so he could put down peel and stick tile in the pantry and bottom kitchen cupboards. Makes cleaning them and putting things in easy. Then my mother and I came back to the house to load up the car with more plastic bins and a couple of bags filled with things. Went and picked up lunch and went back to the apartment. I grabbed a few things and headed back up to the apartment as my mother stayed with the car and bins. I had to grab the dollie to bring back down to get the bins.

I made two trips and then the real fun began. My dad was finishing up the tile and then we started to unload and unpack a few bins. We ate lunch emptied another two bins and started to put some things away and then at 2pm called it a day. I have about 5 bins to move out left and then I’m done as far as bins go.

I have pitchers to move and hang also move some clothing over and then that is it really. Tomorrow we are going to Ikea to pick up a few things and my mother and I have to go to Walmart to pick up a few things and the Dollar store again and then that is it. I’m way ahead of the game which is what I wanted.

Oh as for the Fridge so we get there what Tuesday and noticed it’s not getting cold at all. So we leave and my parents are like you need to call them. So I call maintenance and said the fridge is not working. The guy is like well did you check to make sure? I said it’s not blowing cold air its warm. He tells me we will put a new one in with in one to three days. I said okay and there you go. I was the first one to go up to my apartment this morning. As my father was down stairs waiting for my mom to park the car.

I go in and noticed there is a brand spanking new fridge I mean so new it had plastic still on it. It was plugged in and blowing cold air in the freezer and the fridge part was cold. I like it even more because it’s a bit bigger then the one that was not working. So I was happy about that. So my parents come out of the elevator and I said so the old fridge is gone (hehe) my mom says oh well at least the old fridge is gone. They walk in and my mom says but there is a fridge here haha I’m like its brand new yippy haha.

It’s nice they did it so fast put a new one in. Now I’m not worried about buying food and having nowhere to store it moving in. So we got a lot done today. We did buy some bottled water so it’s sitting in the new fridge. This move is going well which I’m happy about. I’m excited to post after photo’s once everything is in its place.

So now I relax at home and maybe take a much-needed nap.

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Feeling Drained 😴

Did I say I hate moving cause if not I do. It’s so draining it really is but then I’ve also been go go go if it’s not related to the apartment it’s something fun like shopping but guess what I don’t love shopping as much as I used to. I like to get in get what I need and get out. Also it’s amazing about the small things you need for when you move into a new place like the small stuff like a plastic cutlery holder for your kitchen drawer. Or cleaning supplies at the dollar store so you can clean your place.

Tonight my folks and I went to pick up peel and stick tile for the kitchen cupboards. Why you ask because it’s easier to clean and your dishes won’t scratch if it’s been painted as mine have been. Also picked up a few light bulbs one for my bedroom lamp because it has three settings and two for the light on my stove. Then we headed to the Dollar store to pick up cleaning things and odd stuff lol like an under the bed shoe organizer because I really needed one and it’s a space saver.

Its amazing what you can find at a good old Dollar store. So glad I have one near my new place. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, bringing a few more bins over, I have about 13 or 14 total but once the tile is down then I can empty out my kitchen bin and start to put away things like pots and pans and such. Some bins will stay at my apartment empty and are stackable which will live in my storage room and the others will come back to my parents place.

Thankfully tomorrow will not be all spent at the apartment just a couple of hours. Also this afternoon my bf and I went to the movies to see the second movie in the Diverget series Insurgent which was awesome very close to the book, it was a nice break not to think about moving.

Well that’s all I’m of to bed oh wait I’m in bed as I write this night all😴

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