The Truth About Permanent Hair Extensions

So if you have been following my blog since last year and or if you’re a new follower to my blog, last year my hair extension quest started to wanting more permanent hair extensions. You see women on Instagram and YouTube and pretty much everywhere women with mermaid long hair.

Clip-in extensions I think only really blend well if you have dark hair but I find it’s harder to blend with lighter hair colors. And though I know my hair is growing at a rapid speed I just wanted to wake up with pretty long down to the boob hair.  Instant gratification.

Did I need to spend the money on such an expensive service NO! But the urge of having long hair was over powering. Now let me just make this clear I suffer from OCD. Things I can’t control bug the life out of me but I am getting better with some things.

Last Tuesday July 5th I made my way toward the salon that I googled as well facebooked I then called from the bus and made an appointment for a  consultation.

At first it was about Great Lengths then I thought about just getting the 11 piece clip-ins. I now wish I just went with the clip-ins but oh no Lana wanted the great lengths. Anyways the stylist and I spoke about great lengths they were cold fusion. I first paid a deposit and then finished paying after it was all said and done.

My hair was washed two times no conditioner. They then blow dry your hair and put zero heat protectant they then flat-iron your hair again no heat protectant. That bothered me but I get it I suppose.

He lightly trimmed my ends saying who ever did it last didn’t make it even and he layered the extensions with my hair. As well layered and thinned out my hair a little.

He then curled my hair with the extensions before sending me on my way.

He told me I couldn’t wash my hair for three days, to stay far away from my coconut oil hair treatments that I do and to not wash my hair for 72 hours so like come Saturday the 9th I could wash it.

I left the salon feeling fabulous and till I got home. The guilt took over and I couldn’t believe I just threw down all that money on hair that was to sit in my head for 3 – 6 months.

imageOnce I was home I wanted to take some snap shots of my super pretty hair.

After the fan blowing and all that fun stuff I then recurled the hair and it curled really easily.

That night though sleeping was extremely uncomfortable the bonds though for the most part were flat I couldn’t sleep all that great. Wednesday came and Wednesday left. Again that sleep was crappy again uncomfortable not only that but having these foreign objects in your head was totally annoying. At least with clip-ins you can remove them. Or a wig for that matter or hair piece you can take it off.

But nope not these they are there and till you go and get them taken out. Or do what I did. Thursday morning I woke annoyed, I took my shower and decided I would wet the extensions and remove the hair spray by washing just the extensions not my roots or the bonds.

I got out of the shower and noticed the pretty wave pattern. But upon air drying and my hair there was a major demarcation line between the end of my hair at the back and the extensions. I was like my hair looks like utter shit. It’s not blending at all and now I’m not even happy WTF.

I sent the salon a message in Facebook saying what happened. I said for the amount of money I spent they should look flawless and they don’t. They told me to call and ask for the stylist who did it and things would get fixed. But I was to embarrassed and didn’t want to be that Client!.

So I went looking on google as well YouTube and such in how to remove them. A lot of the info was that I needed some solution to break down the bonds but then I remember the stylist said to keep away from not just coconut oil but any oil I’m guessing because it breaks down the bonds. I did do a removal bond video on my channel one thing I didn’t mention is that it took me about an hour and a half to remove them also I had half a head of extensions and it was more for length the volume.

I used 100% coconut oil, pliers,two q-tips, hand held mirror and a shit ton of patience oh and in the video I’m watching tv.

Now I’m sure any other women out there might like hot or cold fusion extensions but if you are someone who is anal about foreign objects in their hair or have OCD about certain things permeant hair extensions may not be for you. Sadly this is a very expensive lesson to learn. I’ll stick to cheaper methods of getting long hair instantly by sporting hair pieces or full wigs.

The photos below are after I got those things out of my hair got it washed and then blow dried my hair and hot curl brushed it with heat protectant Thankyou very much lol. Oh no need for a hair trim any time soon thanks!.



Forget Online Dating Sorta

In the typical sense of less focus on landing a boyfriend right away and focus on creating friendships and letting the cards fall how they will fall. This of course will be super hard for me to do because I’m such a planner and suffer from ocd and like things to take quick steps. But if it’s not working then you need to change tactics. I also need to realize that the majority of people out there are not looking to date and in fact just want to either openly date multiple people at a time or have a few bed buddies.

I need to focus on building friendships with people and have a more go with the flow attitude. And I think once I can just flow with things there will be less let down and I’m really hoping for less bullshit as well. I’m also keeping an open mind because I think one should have that. But I’m no longer going to stress over if a guy texts me back or gets back to me when I think they should. And have a don’t care so much approach. I think then things will just flow a lot better and I’ll have more fun with the online dating world.

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Started Packing



Nothing major though. I’ve filled two containers with my bedroom closet things well some of it anyways. Summer shoes and shoes I’m currently not wearing. As well some odds and sods haha. Things I am not using and can live in a container for a few weeks and till I get my keys and bring the things over to unload and then bring the plastic containers back home to fill up with other things.

My mother and I went out on the weekend and picked up 4 large plastic containers. All the same size that can be stacked inside of each other for easy storage. I have about 6 others that are also filled with things like my grandmother’s Spode China as well other kitchen type things and personal items.

As for the other two empty containers I wont fill those two and till the weekend probably. Since I filled the two today which took me all of maybe 10 minutes that was the main thing I wanted to do and get out-of-the-way now filling the remaining ones that will be easy peasy to do.

I wanted this move to be very easy. And did not want moving boxes made out of cardboard. I like the idea of plastic containers that are stackable and easy to carry. And they are much more sturdy as well. Its pretty amazing I get my keys next Tuesday 31st. Now I’m getting excited like super excited. I just hope my cute pink retro corded phone comes in this week. So I can bring it with me next week to check the buzzer system I’m crossing my fingers for that.

People may think girl your already packing and you have how many weeks and till you move your anal. Yes yes I am haha hell my name backwards spells it LOL Yes I have OCD yes I am a planner and yes I like to be fully prepared more so then some people but at least I can admit it. Id much rather be totally prepared then not.

And also seeing my closet not as filled makes my brain more aware the fact that I really am moving it also sort of prepares me for the coming days/weeks so it’s not a huge shock to my system. I’m sure you get what I mean. Any who so ya it’s becoming very real I’m very much looking forward to getting my keys to my new home.

Chat soon

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Hate Yo Face Tuesday


I’m really talking about my face and the simple fact I’m dealing with adult acne. At the moment it looks like a connect the dots lalala on my face it’s super not pretty and I feel the medicated acne cream that I have been using since last summer is not working like it should be. The cream Im talking about is  Stieva-A. I also have a very hard time not to pop the zits and yaya I already know that is not good to do but when you suffer from OCD it’s hard not to do it. Also this medicated cream is to un clog the pores but the black heads I have on my nose is a tad annoying because I will remove them just to have those same ones clog back up.

I need to see the dermatologist again and see if there is something else out there that will work. Besides this cream and the anti biotics she had prescribed to me I can’t take because it makes me sick. The messed up thing about the cream is that sometimes my face clears up but then I get a break out like nobody’s business lol.

My family doctor told me its the best cream out there that is medicated for acne. But honestly I don’t find that it works all that great. Ugh having acne sucks and having adult acne sucks even more. Anyone have any suggestions ?. What has worked or not worked for all of you? Feel free and let me know in he comments.

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It’s A Little To Much


Anyone who suffers from trichotillomania will get this and understand where I am coming from. When you have hair everyday can be a struggle as well a milestone when you don’t pull any hair out. My hair has not been as long as it is now in many many years maybe 2006. Iv tried to grow it out since then and get to a length then pull then shave then work on growing it back out to fill those spots in. And repeat the cycle all over again in most cases. For a while I just kept shaving my head and gave up on trying to grow my hair out even though all the spots had grown in. I kept it buzzed fear of ripping it out if it became long. So I would just wear pretty realistic wigs but felt like a fake when I went to bed and had to remove my hair for the night.

My biggest challenge as of right now is not pulling hair out of my head. It has not been this long in years. The grey hairs that I have bother me immensely as well the texture in some areas of my head. In total since growing my hair out I have maybe pulled 10 hairs in the course of a few months. Not including the hair that washes off my head in the shower. I am however trying my 100% not to pull and will throw on my turban before I have an urge or while I have an urge.

Also the feeling of when you pull feels good and so I am trying very hard not to do any real damage. I don’t think I have ever tried this hard not to pull in my life of pulling. I’m also not giving in and letting it take over my body functions IE my fingers. And I’m snapping my self out of that trance you go through when my fingers go to my hair. My goal is to have long flowy gorgeous hair by next summer for my family reunion. And for the rest of my life. Sure I could get the same effect with a wig but it would not be the same by any means. And so I have to just not let trich take over. I refuse to let it win and I refuse to let it destroy my hair and my scalp.

Typically in the past when I would even pull one hair or two it would lead to more like handfuls of hair. There would be so much on the floor that it would be horrific to then look in the mirror and see the damage that I inflicted on to my self. The guilt and shame that would then wash over me it’s so self-esteem killing for people who don’t get it or understand its one of the worst feelings in the world to feel that nobody else but you alone did this to your self and yet there is no cure for this fucked up disorder.

Also the only way I knew to stop my self then was to take some clippers and buzz off the remaining hair that was left on my head. The times where I would grow it back in the spots would fill in and Id try to grow my hair again to have to turn around and shave it bald was something I was used too. I was able to grow my hair long twice but the longest was back in 2005 to 2006 before having a very bad spell and having to shave it again. Most of my trich was just the hair on my head but there have been times in the past where I plucked all my eyebrow hairs as well pulled my eyelashes all out. The eye brows was not that hard to camouflage because I just drew them on with brow pencil but my eyelashes took way to long to grow back out and to hide that I was using eye liner.

It was easy to pluck the eyelashes because after wearing mascara instead of washing it off id just pull on them. I only did that a few times then made sure to wash it off whenever I wore the mascara. But my main problem has always been the hair on my scalp. That has been my biggest battle but I’m hoping with my behaviour modification that I am doing will be something that will be the best way to keep the hair on my head in place and to deter me from pulling for a long time to come. As I write this I am once again wearing my turban cap. I should really pick up a few more because for me it really does the trick to stop me from pulling from wanting to pull and it makes the feeling or thinking disappear.

I also don’t see the grey bits or think of the texture or anything when I’m wearing my turban cap. Also if I’m wearing a wig I also don’t think of my bio hair at all. Maybe because its covered up. Maybe that’s it like a trick to my brain almost if its covered up I don’t see it or feel it and so I don’t think of it at all. So then it’s not a worry or a bother. So ya I guess in a way I could just throw it on my head as soon as I wake up. The great thing is just to add is that the feeling is gone after about 5 minutes or so after wearing the turban cap. But I leave it on my head even after the feeling goes away. I don’t want to risk having a feeling come back. Of course when I’m out in public I go without it.

I hope anyone who is reading it knows there are other methods than just shaving your head and that it will get better. I was on medication for depression a few years ago and was told it would help with trich but it never worked and this at the moment is the only method that is currently working for me. There are options and please try out the ones that are out there I’m sure something will work for you. This battle almost is always a battle but if you try a method and it works stick to it. So far this is the only one working for me. I’m out of other options at this rate.

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