Does Your Dog Eat Once Or Twice A Day?

imageSo a handful of years ago Diva used to eat once a day at 5pm typically. Then when my parents got their new dog she was eating morning and night. Because their new dog was eating  at that time.

Then moving last year into the apartment she became fussy and I would put her food down in the morning and she would rarely touch it unless there was wet food or a little water mixed. I was sorta free feeding her though noticed it would just sit because she would never eat it. I also forgot that she used to be a once a day meal eater but gladly eat treats throughout the day. But now she’s back to eating at 5pm and seems quite fine with this schedule. So I’m going with it.

Do you feed your dog once or twice a day? Comment below.


The Vet & Diva

So today I took Diva to the vet for her yearly checkup and to find out what is going on with her fur. The vet said it could be a number of factors and that only getting blood work would be able to rule things out. He did mention it could be a thyroid problem. Because when the vet tech weighed her turns out she has gained a few pounds now she’s at like 20 pounds. So it could very well be her thyroid ugh. So with getting the blood work they will check for everything. This visit was her most expensive one yet plus they raised the consultation visit so in total it cost $278. But Id rather have them check for everything to rule things out. That way we can take the next course of action.

I should be getting a call if not tomorrow then by Friday. My main concern is why her fur is getting so thin and of course this weight gain. I have not noticed her weight gain look at all that fur lol and when I pick her up I don’t notice it so go figure with that. Also her eating habits are a tad off recently. She will only eat her dinner and take treats but forget eating her breakfast lol. Though she’s always seems to be like that when spring hits. Though she has been a tad lethargic so who knows we will find out soon what the heck is going on.

Over and out