Started Packing



Nothing major though. I’ve filled two containers with my bedroom closet things well some of it anyways. Summer shoes and shoes I’m currently not wearing. As well some odds and sods haha. Things I am not using and can live in a container for a few weeks and till I get my keys and bring the things over to unload and then bring the plastic containers back home to fill up with other things.

My mother and I went out on the weekend and picked up 4 large plastic containers. All the same size that can be stacked inside of each other for easy storage. I have about 6 others that are also filled with things like my grandmother’s Spode China as well other kitchen type things and personal items.

As for the other two empty containers I wont fill those two and till the weekend probably. Since I filled the two today which took me all of maybe 10 minutes that was the main thing I wanted to do and get out-of-the-way now filling the remaining ones that will be easy peasy to do.

I wanted this move to be very easy. And did not want moving boxes made out of cardboard. I like the idea of plastic containers that are stackable and easy to carry. And they are much more sturdy as well. Its pretty amazing I get my keys next Tuesday 31st. Now I’m getting excited like super excited. I just hope my cute pink retro corded phone comes in this week. So I can bring it with me next week to check the buzzer system I’m crossing my fingers for that.

People may think girl your already packing and you have how many weeks and till you move your anal. Yes yes I am haha hell my name backwards spells it LOL Yes I have OCD yes I am a planner and yes I like to be fully prepared more so then some people but at least I can admit it. Id much rather be totally prepared then not.

And also seeing my closet not as filled makes my brain more aware the fact that I really am moving it also sort of prepares me for the coming days/weeks so it’s not a huge shock to my system. I’m sure you get what I mean. Any who so ya it’s becoming very real I’m very much looking forward to getting my keys to my new home.

Chat soon

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Spode China – Rose Briar


That Image was taken from Google.

Though I could have taken it my self because I have some of this collection. Yes it’s true after going through some of the plastic bins in the basement my father is giving me my grandmothers china and it just so happens that some of the china is non other than Spode china and is the Rose Briar collection. I had to do some googling of this kind to see why it would be expensive.

Taken from this website

More Info Below

Brand: Spode Pattern: Rose Briar Pattern
Manufacturer Status: Discontinued In Production: 1932-1971
Description: White background, weave border, inner border of red,purple & yellow roses
Dishwashing Method: Handwash – Secondary Market Value: Fair
Best Uses: Formal summer & springtime dining

This Rose Briar pattern was manufactured for 39 years by the Spode China company ,based in England . The discontinued Spode Rose Briar pattern is a pattern that will catch anyones eye as soon as they walk in to the room. The Rose Briar pattern is an elegant & simple looking pattern with eye catching colors even though they are quite muted, the border of roses on the pattern is done in beautiful & accurate colors & look like they are real roses if they where not on this beautiful Rose Briar pattern.

The weave on the Rose Briar pattern is called a basket weave & adds to the elegant simplicty of the pattern, giving it an exquisite design without making it very flashy. The Rose Briar pattern is quite an old pattern & was manufactured a total of thirty nine years making it quite an obviously popular pattern at the time. The Rose Briar patterns design is more of a typical Spode design of that era as can be seen from other Spode patterns from then like the Spode Chelsea Garden pattern, Spode started to change their pattern to a more modern look in the late 1980s as can be see from a pattern like Spode Stafford Flowers.

It really is very beautiful in person to see. Also some of the prices that they go for is pretty amazing as well. I don’t have a ton of it but I do have some great pieces. It’s just to bad that my grandmother had mental issues and smashed a bunch of it as well some beautiful Royal Doulton Figurines. But anyways it’s cool to see that I have a bunch of this pretty china ware. It will be nice to have them out so they can be used ands displayed. Also neat that this has history.

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