Promise Rings


So with any relationship some women may get a promise ring given to her from the guy. Promise rings are not just for women they can also be for men too but it’s not that common. They can be for pr engagement. Commencing the relationship or anything else really because it’s a promise.

I like the idea of a promise ring for either person. There are many styles of rings out there and when it comes to men’s styles there pretty simple though I have seen some with very neat details. And let’s be honest you could really use any type of ring even though some say they are wedding bands when it comes to the meaning behind it I don’t think it should really matter.

You could get something plain but have it engraved on the inside with a special message. You could have your first name and the date you first met or just the date. I think the idea of a promise ring is very old-fashioned but also romantic too.

At the end of the day you’re celebrating the love you both have for each other. And doing promise rings is letting the world know your together. And how much you’re in love with each other at least that’s what it would mean to me.

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