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Sometimes You Need A Kit Kat Break

I think breaks are healthy to have when it comes to everything. Recently I posted a video on my YouTube channel saying I was taking a small break to focus on other things, my channel will still be up with all its videos. But I need a break from it for a few reasons. To focus on some new adventures such as work which might happen sooner than later. As well the simple fact I’m getting bored of it. I want to enjoy life and the many experiences life has to offer. I’m not getting paid by ads to post videos. I don’t make money off of it. And let’s be honest shall we. If you think your going to get rich from YouTube in a year or two you’re probably not going to. How it works is through google ad sense you get an account through google who puts ads on your videos. If people click the ads you get a few cents worth of the profits. And that’s pretty much it. So if you have a job already don’t quit it.

When I start making some serious pay checks from a job I doubt I’ll be up to wanting to make any new videos unless I have a few hours to do so. Posting videos maybe done a few times a month if that. Sure I’d love to get an updated camera for say vlogging or something but I highly doubt it. My plan is to save some serious money and move downtown. As well get some new furniture pieces as well some traveling.

For me YouTube is just something fun to do and to kill some time. That’s pretty much it. I doubt I’ll be spending money on wigs. Since I don’t really wear them all to often. And as for reviewing makeup products I don’t wear makeup daily at the moment. So no huge makeup collections here plus most cosmetics have expiration dates. Also I only really wear wigs for burlesque, Halloween or if I’m wanting to drastically change my hair color and or it’s crappy weather and I want to rock a wig that closely matches my current hairstyle.

I will most likely blog since it’s always something I’ve done. From back in the MSN group days where they had MSN blogs. I’ve always enjoyed expressing my thoughts this way. So much so I prefer it over speaking to a camera on YouTube. Also less trolls lol. And this way I can still have 100% control over who sees my posts if I so choose there is that as well.

Anywho so yeah I’m taking a break from YouTube. I have though been spending time making video screen thumbnails which has been rather fun for all my YouTube videos. Some may think why though if you’re not doing new videos. But it’s just to make the videos look a little better. I do mention that I may post a video of my tape-in extensions but other then that I won’t be posting for a while.


The latest life update

Hey everyone, so a life update a few weeks ago I had written a post about feeling unsafe and a situation that had happened to me in the elevator. Well since then I have had a few hung ups on my landline as well someone knocking on my door to then have my dog bark and them leaving, I think they thought my unit was someone else’s but either way it’s annoying. But since then nothing has happened and it’s been quite thankfully.

I did end up seeing my therapist and explained to him what I hope to have happen. I saw him a second time which he did write out a letter for me saying why I need to move. I also saw my family doctor and was able to pick up a letter from him on Sunday. So now I have two letters stating that I need to move and then the ball will be more in motion. From there the worker will send those letters off to which I will then sit in front of a board and hopefully be approved to move down town. Also I made a photo copy of these letters for my own files.

I’m crossing my fingers I have no more issues while I’m still in this building. The 18th of this month my land line will be canceled. So no more hang ups which I’ll be happy for. Great thing about cell phones there not made public unless you give it out.

On to other news it was brought to my attention that there is a stocker type person making videos and basically hating on bloggers and YouTube personalities and I’m in one of these stupid videos. I was going to make a video about this but decided not to because there will always be haters out there on the net. When you put your self out there whether it be blogging or vlogging such as YouTube there will always be someone who’s got nothing else better to do then splur negativity. Any who I’ve reported these videos and hopefully they will stop but if not then whatever they are damaged idiots. Hate all you want I don’t give a flying fuck.

On to some cool news though my boyfriend met my parents on Sunday that went over really well. He likes them as they also like him. They said he was a nice guy and talkative. Also last week when I was at the doctors I weighted in at 148.8 but then when I was at my parents I came in at 151.4. By no means am I trying to lose weight, my doctor did say stress can cause weight loss. So now I’m trying to not stress out I know easier said then done but I feel good and even did some meditation. Will also most likely start my yoga again since that’s a stress reliever.

Um I’ve had to wear my TTM cap twice its a bamboo cotton cap that I wear when I’m having a hard time with my hair. I put it on and then am not tempted to pull. On the down side I pulled three hairs last week but since then have not had to wear it and am doing well. I think it’s good that I have learned there are ways to if not over come can help change my behaviour when I have an urge to pull.

As for my summer I wish I did more fun activities but I have not. I have yet to go to the beach or a water park but hopefully that will change before the summer ends. And hopefully I’ll do more with friends this summer then what I have been currently doing which is chilling at my place that’s nice and all but I’m getting rather bored of doing the same thing. So we shall see. Also Ottawas Gay Pride is coming up my plan is to at least go watch the parade but who to go with no idea yet.

So that is the latest life update.

Hope all is well and talk soon

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I’m Back

I decided to start vlogging again as you can already tell from the last few posts I’ve posted. Believe it or not I used to vlog before it was the in thing to do and way before people made money at it or became YouTube celebrities. I did everything from wig reviews to just talking from the heart. There was no such thing as video editing, companies did not send you products like they do now and it was like I said about sharing your experiences and telling your story.

Well I’ve decided to re join the world of YouTube but I won’t be doing much editing and I won’t be following a script why because why should I have to fit into that world??? It takes the fun out of it I think. Everyone is so caught up about being the best or the most perfect or whatever and I’m just wanting to share some of me with out all the fancy equipment. Or the pounds of makeup. My lighting will be what shines into my apartment. My camera won’t be fancy it will be done on my iPad and y’all will just have to suck it up because perfection is over rated lmao.

I will vlog about whatever I so choose too. And a lot of the categories I have here on the blog I will most likely be doing vlog videos of such as baking or cooking or diva or whatever else I want to vlog about. I’m going to go old school and if nobody subs that’s fine and if people do then that is also fine. I should say that I already have 25subs but those are long time friends some of them and I’m friends with them on Facebook as well lol.

Any Who this next chapter shall be a ride I’m sure. Just don’t expect perfection because like perfection it just does not exist lol.

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A Mash-Up Of Stuff

So this post is going to be a mash-up of things. Stuff that is going on through my thoughts and so I need to vent it all out. First of all the terrorism that is happening all over the world WTF, I was watching the news last night and again at lunch time and all the stuff that is happening all over the place holy crap. Then another new Isis video on how they need to attack police forces and high security and The U.S.A and Canada and every other place can’t everyone just get along like really this shit is scary.

And then the 12 people who were killed in Paris for publishing a cartoon that people did not like and then those same people attacked another news magazine but thankfully there was nobody in those offices. People are messed up for real now people can’t even do cartoons sure I know they were making a joke about things but get real people ugh. I really have kept my mouth shut on everything that has been going on but this stuff is cray cray and scary as all s#$t. Sorry but it’s just nuts like what the hell.

Moving on. I was thinking of re joining YouTube well not re joining but start making videos again, But to be honest and I know I said I might do videos again down the road well I don’t care to sit in front of a video recorder or as I would use my iPhone or iPad. I think there are way to many people on YouTube as it is doing all the same stuff. Makeup is huge on YouTube and If anything I would just do vlogging and not so much anything all that interesting or appealing to people. Plus I get way more out of blogging on here and I am better with typing out my thoughts or expressing my self then with speaking.

Most the time in the past when I did do vlogging on YT I sounded like a valley chick who made no sense half the time. Now when I watch YT videos people have like mini scripts and they know what there going to talk about that and even some people have made it a full-time job. Then again if I could turn my blogging into a full-time job I would but then it might become boring and I would start to hate it. Maybe but so far I’ve been blogging for how many years now and I still love it. And i did not remove last years blogs so that must be a sign haha.

As I said this was a mash-up post. Something that has also been on my mind is the whole online wig business. Starting it up again freaks the crap out of me. I’m already stressing about it and I have not even started it again. I know I need to get a hobbie of some sort. The wig business thing I guess could be a hobbie of some sort but I have a small fear of what happens if I get a company name again get a business licence again and I go to contact some wig brands that I worked with before and there like because you closed up shop before with us we don’t want to work with you. I think id freak the hell out.

Again totally stressing out here. But also all the company’s I know of they all have Facebook pages and twitter accounts and other types of networking sites. And I’m just one person. I don’t think one person can do everything. Not with anxiety and suffers from easily stressful situations. Though I miss it I don’t miss being stressed out and because when I had that company I was constantly changing the layout of the site. Any who I’m already stressing over something that does not even exist. How bad is that?.

Though I would like to get back into making jewelry such as earings and take that class on how to make bracelets and necklaces. I still have the tools I bought and some supplies. I would like to do something artistic and get my creative juices flowing. As much as I love to blog lately there has been nothing on brand backer for my location to apply to do reviews on products which honestly bites. Because I have a good time trying out products and writing reviews. That is a lot of fun to do.

But I would like to get my creative juices flowing and the only way to do that is to do something creative. So my plan is to take another class on something such as jewelry. Maybe get some more supplies to make some more earings and I’ll even write some posts on that maybe.

So there ya have it a ton of stuff to vent out. And now my brain feels a little more cleaner. Also wanted to share with all of you that things with my man are amazing. I’m so lucky to have him. Also my hair is doing well too 🙂 .

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Bye Bye YouTube

Decided I will just stick to blogging. That way I don’t have to worry about looking perfect on camera. Plus I get more out of blogging. There are so many people on YouTube and all of those people are in full makeup with fab hair and I just can’t be bothered with all of that. So I removed those two videos I posted and ya lol. Still have my account of course so I can watch other people’s videos and the selective few makeup gurus I watch. But ya I don’t have the energy to go back and video edit and all that fun stuff lmao.

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